Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Mar 30, 2011

Its time for our Wednesday Happy Thoughts once again and time to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. Getting together with super friends Rona and Ehms
2. Swimming party to start off the summer fun!
3. My sister's first job interview (good luck!)
4. Delicious oatmeal breakfast
5. Enjoying chips without too much guilt, ha ha. Goodbye diet!
6. Waking up later than usual, thanks to summer vacation.
7. Blogging to relieve stress! Yay!
8. Free Facebook access at Sun Cellular
9. Job security and great bosses
10. A loving family!

Hope you all get to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have! Remember that you are lucky than most so always show your gratitude by being kind to other people. For thanks on the image and to know how this started, check this out.

Wanted: Summer Job

My sister who is an incoming third year Journalism student is now on summer break. She and her friends are looking for a one-month job so that they can earn some money before school starts in two months. If I know my sister, her real reason would be to earn some money to buy a new phone. Her old, hand-me-down phone conked out and she is now using a China phone that takes forever to charge! I admire my sister for her initiative to find a job so that she can buy her own stuff. She knows that I will buy for her if it is needed in school, but at the moment, I cannot help her buy gadgets. I hope she gets accepted in the company that they applied for yesterday. I told her that she and her classmates should try to look for jobs logo designers because they are an artistic bunch of kids! I have seen how their props for school projects look like and making logo designs might be something that they can be good at. Although a job at a call center is okay too because she can practice her communication skills, I worry about her health because it will be a night job. Anyway, I just hope that whatever job they would get is something that they would enjoy!

More Ways to Earn from Blogging

I want to buy a DLSR camera this year and all my blogging income are already earmarked for that dream purchase. Having said that, you should see more posts in this blog, hoping to get more hits which in turn could mean more income! One of my blogging friend know of my goal and has encouraged me to check out pay per click marketing. She said that I could be on top of the list of a lot of search engines which could mean a lot more clicks which could transform to more income for my blog. While I admit to being excited on this idea of more AdSense income from those visiting my site, I have to make sure that I won't violate any rules here. I can't afford to have my AdSense blog blocked nor engage in illegal activities! I am such a newbie to even engage in hack techniques or whatever else you call them! Of course, my friend was laughing at me for being such an alarmist and assured me that there is nothing wrong with the product. I told her that I will study it first before I try and do it in my blog because that is the prudent thing to do. In the meantime, I will rely on the proven formula of hard work and perseverance in trying to earn from blogging, and posts as often as possible!

Spam Emails

Every time I open my emails,I have to delete no less than 20 spam emails in my inbox, not to mention those that are already on my spam folder. While I have no problems with it most of the time and would just delete all those that contain penis enhancement and drug discounts, there are instances when I delete legitimate emails! And it is very frustrating sorting once again on the deleted folder and seeing once again those trashy messages! If I were I legitimate company offering services via email, I would use email marketing tracking to make sure that my target customers are the ones who receive my email. In that way, both the company and the reader would benefit from the product and the message will not be lumped with spam emails. But other than product offers which I usually have no use for, I hate receiving scam messages like those asking for your bank account number so that they can deposit in your account some money from another crook hoping to take the loot out of the country! I know that there are sob stories of people still falling for this scam who ended up being duped with their hard earned money in the hope of getting some easy money. I am sorry for being so heartless but I have no pity to spare them as I believe that they deserve it for agreeing to become part of a scam! I have warned my family time and again that there are emails that are too good to be true, and most of the time, they are! And the best defense is to just delete those spam emails!

Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Mar 29, 2011

This is one of itineraries of our city tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan this month, the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. This is the reason why we had to pay P600 for our tricycle hire, instead of P500 only. The dusty, bumpy ride going to the penal farm made the extra hundred worth it. The driver was saying that they do not usually offer to visit the penal farm because of this road, but hey I was already there and what is an extra hundred bucks to see the famous prison camp? Below is the view of the prison from the highway.This is the entrance to the prison. I had to get down from the tricycle and log down our name on the visitors book with the guard. There is no entrance fee to visit the prison.

The various farming activities that the prisoners do can be seen in this picture. They have fish ponds too.

This is the rice field. You can also see in this picture, the ones with the tin roof, are the maximum security compound.
The fish ponds and the huts make the place looks peaceful and its a picture of a perfect rural life.
This is the old building that dates back during the American times.
The majestic looking facade of the recreational building.
These are some of the items that can be found inside the souvenir shop of the prison. The income will also go to the inmates and the families of the guards. We also bought a ship inside a bottle.
A little photo opp in front of the souvenir shop. One of the inmates took this photo.
The St. Joseph the Worker Parish inside the compound looks very inviting.
Even the angels welcome you to share your burden and pray!
Inside the old but still beautiful chapel.
We bid goodbye to the Iwahig Prison and Penal farm but not before seeing apparent prisoners lounging peacefully in huts, and everybody you pass by greeting you a good day. Our driver was telling us stories of how prisoners would rather stay at the farm than go home after their sentence was up and seeing the life inside the farm, it was not hard to believe.
A prison like this really aims to rehabilitate men instead of punishing them. The prisoners that I saw do not look like anything those goons we see on TV but rather like any hardworking and decent men, trying to earn an honest living. I hope that more prison like this can be initiated in the country. It was really a worthwhile trip, despite the bumpy road! For more info, check out this link from Wikipedia and WikiPilipinas.

Happy Swimming!

Mar 28, 2011

Summer is officially here, thanks to Johann's 3rd birthday party swimming celebration! The picture above is of my daughter Ishi who was among the first guests to hit the pool and one of the last ones to leave. They had such a fun afternoon playing in the water you would think this is the first time in years that they have been on the pool. She is turning 7 in May and I think that she would thoroughly enjoy a swimming party too! I have to make plans and I hope we will have enough funds to make this birthday special. I envy the kids who are enjoying their summer. Unlike us adults who don't vacation from work and who has to think how to put last year's school stuff at Storage Leicester, kids have only swimming activities like these to keep them entertained during summer. They can sleep late, wake up even later and then play the whole afternoon. Of course, its up to us parents to make their summer time worthwhile but fun too! I just hope that I can have enough leave days from work to keep up with the kid's fun activities and have an enjoyable summer too!

A House Blessing

I would like to congratulate my dear friends Rona and Rodney on the wonderful blessing that their home received last Sunday. We were there among their family and friends when they welcomed Christ into their homes. As the priest said, the blessing is not for the house, but for those who dwell in the house. These two wonderful people and their kids have opened their homes to us so many times and we are happy to be part of tis wonderful occasion in their life! Their home is located in a very accessible place near their work and the kids school and the amenities of the subdivision are very good. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floor a car park and a provision for extension at the second floor. I know this is Rona and Rodney's dream house and I am happy that their home is now blessed!
Justify FullThe wonderful lunch that was prepared by the family for the guests. It was a combination of Ilocano and Tagalog dishes that we thoroughly enjoyed.
The family and friends of the couple who, like us where there to be part of the house blessing.
I wish that I can also have my Montalban house blessed already, and for my husband to decide that we will move already. It really is incomparable to have a home of your own. To Rona and Rodney, congratulations again!

Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, Puerto Princesa

Mar 26, 2011

Full from lunch at Baker's Hill and raring to continue our city tour despite the afternoon heat, the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park was the next on our itinerary. Entrance fee was P40 per person and our tricycle driver cum tour guide cum photographer had to pay for itbecause we wanted to catch the guided tour at that time, otherwise we would have to wait for 30 minutes for the next one to start.
This is the skin and the skeleton of the longest crocodile that was ever caught in Palawan. It ate the torso of a man and died after a day because of stress. The skin was useless because the crocodile was old, I forgot how old.
Another reason to thank the Japanese people for their help in our country.After a short speech on the biggest crocodile and a reminder not to feed the crocodiles anything including your cameras and arms, off to the hatchling house we go.
The hatchling house was a collection of tubs with crocodiles in various sizes.
Then we were off to see the adult crocodiles in these area where we can feed them for a P20 fee. We were all standing in this steel railing above the crocodiles and I can just imagine what will happen if we all fall down!

This one below is the biggest crocodile here and he is alone in this pen. You can feed him for a P50 fee.
The crocodiles in their cages. I wonder where the conservation portion happens? I dont know what they do to this adult crocodiles when they reach a certain age. The tour guide was missing and I wasn't able to ask him anymore questions.
Now, this is a sad part for me. I was looking for the nature park, and there was even a map of the park but all I can were old sign boards such as these, but no animals! In the ostrich cage, there was only one ostrich. The nature park looks dilapidated and unkempt. There was nothing to see in the nature park save for one or two lonely looking animals. I wonder what they do with the entrance fee if they cant maintain the park even!
After as short, disappointing walk inside the nature park, we cant find our tricycle driver so we just waited for him in one of the shed inside the compound where we can have our photo taken with a crocodile for a P30 fee.
It was exciting to see those crocodiles up close but the tour was disappointing because of the Nature Park's state of neglect. I wish that the Palawan government would do something about it.

Mommy Moments: White

Mar 25, 2011

mommy moments

I am one proud momma this week! My daughter had her Preparatory class graduation and below her white diploma with her in a cute pink toga!
And here are the proud parents with Danniel in his white uniform during his recognition day. He was Third Honor among the Grade 2 students and he also received a certificate of recognition for Excellence in Math and Superior in English.
And here is my eldest son Drexelle, beside the white bust of their school patroness. Today is his birthday and he is now officially a teen! Happy birthday, Drexelle!
Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Mar 24, 2011

Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa Ciy was the third stop on our city tour. You will pass by this place before going to Mitra's Ranch. But since we were at the ranch first, this was on the way out. The place really looks beautiful and the mansion is my dream house! The place looks like a theme park and there were students eating merienda while we were there! We had lots of fun taking pictures with life-sized figures!
This is yours truly posing withe the baker king!
The beautiful pathway that leads to several pocket gardens. There is also a playground for kids.
I love this Aviary signage because the monkey looks too cute!
A chance to have our photos taken together with the birds! No, those are not real birds but they look very nice.
This was the Bakers Hill restaurant where we had lunch. That is why we were not able to try any of their bakery goodies because when we came here we were so hungry and when we came out we were too full to look for food!
My lunch is this grilled meat dish that as delicious as it looks. It was so tender and sweet and just too good! I didn't matter that I was so thirsty and the waiter took forever to give me some water before we order.
This sinigang was my husband's lunch. It was very good too and was more than enough for two people. My husband posing with this funny statue!
The peacocks at the aviary. I was already too full from lunch that I was too sleepy to take more artistic pictures, ha ha. Excuses, I know! But I really didn't do the bird any justice! She looks much nicer in person.
There were dinosaurs and pirates too!
And of course, the bunnies!
And the flower arrangements made the place very inviting indeed! There were lots of people milling around even if it was around lunch. They also sell snacks like banana cue and scramble.
It was really bad that I wasn't able to taste any of their bakery items, the place being a Baker's Hill. But at least, I have something to look forward to if I ever get the chance to go back to Puerto Princesa!

Next stop, Crocodile Farm.

Earthquake Preparedness Guide

Mar 23, 2011

The above Earthquake Preparedness Guide was sent to our company email from our Human Resources Department and I would like to share this to all of you. In light of the recent events in Japan and the recent 5.4 earthquake in Mindoro, it pays to be prepared at all times. To summarize, here are the things we need to do:
Before an earthquake:
1. Check your homes and offices and familiarize your self with exit areas.
2. Know where first aid kits and fire extinguishers are located.
3. Participate in earthquake drills.
During an earthquake:
1. Stay calm. Panic wont help anybody and will just create more confusion.
2. Duck under sturdy tables, like Dining Room Tables or door archways.
3. Stay away from furnitures that could fall and glass windows.
4. If you are outside, move to open areas. If you are near a body of water, go to higher grounds.
5. If you are inside a car, get out of the vehicle and move to an open area.
After an earthquake:
1. Do not use elevators and use stairwells instead.
2. Check for injuries and damage to your property.
3. Be updated on disasters.

Inside our homes, it also pays to have emergency food kit and medical supplies. We especially need to have water and ready to eat food, transistor with battery, flashlight and a whistle.

Please help spread awareness to prepare us all for disasters and calamities.

Mitra's Ranch, Puerto Princesa

Mar 22, 2011

The Mitra's Ranch in Sta. Monica was our second itinerary during our Puerto Princesa City Tour. Since we started our tour at 10am, we were at the Ranch at 11am and we were already hungry. I only read later on that we should have visited the Ranch after a stop for baked goodies at Baker's Hill. Anyway, Mitra's Ranch was owned by Former Senator Ramon Mitra and is now owned by Baham Mitra. There were lots of tourists and locals while we were there and it was obviously a favorite spot.

Posing at one of the many benches. At the other side of me are a busload of tourists taking their snacks.
Locals just lounging at the place. The tarpaulin says visiting hours is from 9am-5pm, and no entrance fee.

The balcony of the house that gives a very good view of Honda Bay. We missed the congressman by a few minutes and lost the oppurtunity for a photo opp!
The inside of the house taken through the glass walls. Beautiful and lots of memorabilia!
I wish we can have more places like this that government officials have opened to the public. It makes it interesting to see how the other half lives, he he.


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