Audissie Pension Inn

Mar 8, 2011

We stayed at Audissie Pension Inn for 4 days and 3 nights. I availed of their P8000 package for two, which include transfers, breakfast, Underground River tour and Honda bay tour. The room was adequate for our needs. It was not spectacular, but it was not disappointing either. The pension inn also has free wifi inside the room and there is hot and cold water. My only problem was our room was at the ground floor and I was bothered by the huge glass window covered by green curtains. I wish that they used venetian blinds instead. Although I checked both during the day and at night if we can be seen inside the room from outside and was satisfied that we had our privacy.
The pension inn was also very near the Bay walk area so we spent two nights walking off our heavy meals while looking at a lot of people, both locals and tourists. The public market and the church and even major food establishments like Jollibee and Chowking were also just a few minutes walk from the pension.
There is also a convenience store just beside the pension and tricycles are parked most of the time just across the street, ready to bring you anywhere for a fare of P7. The staff and even the owners are very helpful in answering our questions on where best to eat and buy pasalubong. They can also arrange to cook your meals for a minimal fee although we did not try it because we were too full from the buffet meals included in the package tours.

So, will I recommend Audissie Pension Inn to other travelers? Yes, especially for budget travelers like us. Just don't expect too much so you wont be disappointed!

Audissie Pension Inn
Telephone Numbers:
(6348) 434-6430
(6348) 725-5960
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3 comments: to “ Audissie Pension Inn

  • Anonymous
    June 03, 2011  

    hi! thanks for the info! just want to clarify though if their room has hot and cold shower. I contacted them and they're the one who actually advised me that they don't have hot shower. i'm confused because you said that you had one in ur room.

  • Dinah
    July 05, 2011  

    our room on the ground floor was the only one with hot shower.all other rooms do not.

  • mikzzzs
    June 15, 2012  

    whare are the room rates?

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