Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Mar 24, 2011

Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa Ciy was the third stop on our city tour. You will pass by this place before going to Mitra's Ranch. But since we were at the ranch first, this was on the way out. The place really looks beautiful and the mansion is my dream house! The place looks like a theme park and there were students eating merienda while we were there! We had lots of fun taking pictures with life-sized figures!
This is yours truly posing withe the baker king!
The beautiful pathway that leads to several pocket gardens. There is also a playground for kids.
I love this Aviary signage because the monkey looks too cute!
A chance to have our photos taken together with the birds! No, those are not real birds but they look very nice.
This was the Bakers Hill restaurant where we had lunch. That is why we were not able to try any of their bakery goodies because when we came here we were so hungry and when we came out we were too full to look for food!
My lunch is this grilled meat dish that as delicious as it looks. It was so tender and sweet and just too good! I didn't matter that I was so thirsty and the waiter took forever to give me some water before we order.
This sinigang was my husband's lunch. It was very good too and was more than enough for two people. My husband posing with this funny statue!
The peacocks at the aviary. I was already too full from lunch that I was too sleepy to take more artistic pictures, ha ha. Excuses, I know! But I really didn't do the bird any justice! She looks much nicer in person.
There were dinosaurs and pirates too!
And of course, the bunnies!
And the flower arrangements made the place very inviting indeed! There were lots of people milling around even if it was around lunch. They also sell snacks like banana cue and scramble.
It was really bad that I wasn't able to taste any of their bakery items, the place being a Baker's Hill. But at least, I have something to look forward to if I ever get the chance to go back to Puerto Princesa!

Next stop, Crocodile Farm.

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