Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, Puerto Princesa

Mar 26, 2011

Full from lunch at Baker's Hill and raring to continue our city tour despite the afternoon heat, the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park was the next on our itinerary. Entrance fee was P40 per person and our tricycle driver cum tour guide cum photographer had to pay for itbecause we wanted to catch the guided tour at that time, otherwise we would have to wait for 30 minutes for the next one to start.
This is the skin and the skeleton of the longest crocodile that was ever caught in Palawan. It ate the torso of a man and died after a day because of stress. The skin was useless because the crocodile was old, I forgot how old.
Another reason to thank the Japanese people for their help in our country.After a short speech on the biggest crocodile and a reminder not to feed the crocodiles anything including your cameras and arms, off to the hatchling house we go.
The hatchling house was a collection of tubs with crocodiles in various sizes.
Then we were off to see the adult crocodiles in these area where we can feed them for a P20 fee. We were all standing in this steel railing above the crocodiles and I can just imagine what will happen if we all fall down!

This one below is the biggest crocodile here and he is alone in this pen. You can feed him for a P50 fee.
The crocodiles in their cages. I wonder where the conservation portion happens? I dont know what they do to this adult crocodiles when they reach a certain age. The tour guide was missing and I wasn't able to ask him anymore questions.
Now, this is a sad part for me. I was looking for the nature park, and there was even a map of the park but all I can were old sign boards such as these, but no animals! In the ostrich cage, there was only one ostrich. The nature park looks dilapidated and unkempt. There was nothing to see in the nature park save for one or two lonely looking animals. I wonder what they do with the entrance fee if they cant maintain the park even!
After as short, disappointing walk inside the nature park, we cant find our tricycle driver so we just waited for him in one of the shed inside the compound where we can have our photo taken with a crocodile for a P30 fee.
It was exciting to see those crocodiles up close but the tour was disappointing because of the Nature Park's state of neglect. I wish that the Palawan government would do something about it.

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  • Unknown
    March 26, 2011  

    Yay!! Crocs! >:)) I want to go there too and do some up close bonding with those crocs :)

  • Snow
    March 29, 2011  

    Wow, nice post! I have been there Dinah and I find the place fascinating. I also had a picture with that huge crocodile skeleton..hahaha...By the way, nandun pa ba yung egg sa side table nila? Ang laki nun?

    Thanks and I bet you enjoyed the sightseeing in Palawan. :-)

  • Anonymous
    April 21, 2011  

    maybe the people running the farm have adapted to the crocs personality.... the one mentioned earlier about how the crocs grab food when they smell some coming..
    i think we will also erase this farm tour in our iterinary.. now that we have an idea as to the farms maintainance. sayang... educational pa naman for our little girl.

  • Anonymous
    March 10, 2013  

    what a rip,,, run down beat up half the exhibit's are empty,,rude staff at the entrance and different pricing for tourists on the china made gift shop items.
    they tell you ONLY 50 peso to have your picture taken with a baby croc,,and after you pay and get your picture taken your informed if you'd like a foto it will cost 250 peso really putting visitors on the stop.. Today was the first and last visit and we have removed the "crock" farm from our list of sites we recommend to our visitors.

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