Spam Emails

Mar 30, 2011

Every time I open my emails,I have to delete no less than 20 spam emails in my inbox, not to mention those that are already on my spam folder. While I have no problems with it most of the time and would just delete all those that contain penis enhancement and drug discounts, there are instances when I delete legitimate emails! And it is very frustrating sorting once again on the deleted folder and seeing once again those trashy messages! If I were I legitimate company offering services via email, I would use email marketing tracking to make sure that my target customers are the ones who receive my email. In that way, both the company and the reader would benefit from the product and the message will not be lumped with spam emails. But other than product offers which I usually have no use for, I hate receiving scam messages like those asking for your bank account number so that they can deposit in your account some money from another crook hoping to take the loot out of the country! I know that there are sob stories of people still falling for this scam who ended up being duped with their hard earned money in the hope of getting some easy money. I am sorry for being so heartless but I have no pity to spare them as I believe that they deserve it for agreeing to become part of a scam! I have warned my family time and again that there are emails that are too good to be true, and most of the time, they are! And the best defense is to just delete those spam emails!

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