Summer Lessons For the Kids

Mar 5, 2011

Its just three weeks to go before the summer vacation for the kids and this early, I am already thinking of ways to make it exciting for them. Of course, they can now sleep late and play as long as they want since they don't have to wake for school the following day. But since summer vacation is more than two months, I have to think of ways to make it productive as well. I am thinking of swimming lessons for the two younger kids and guitar lessons for Drexelle. He loves listening to music and watching music videos of his favorite artists so I guess he should learn to play the guitar. It is also one skill that he can appreciate more when he gets older and can expertly play the guitar! Swimming is a life skill so I need to make the kids learn it. It is one of my regret in life, that I do not know how to swim. I feel I am too old to learn, but maybe someday I will. I am still looking for cheap lessons on Taekwondo too or even dancing. If I cant save enough budget to pay for all these lessons, I will have to be creative and maybe teach them some craft instead. I just wish summer wont be dull for them!

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