Summer Starts Today!

Mar 21, 2011

For my kids, summer vacation officially starts today! My youngest kid had her graduation last Friday and my eldest had his final exams too. My middle child, Danniel is having his recognition day this afternoon and then tomorrow, we are all free to start enjoying the summer! We are already making plans on where to go swimming! But of course, we must also try and teach the kids some things this summer! It is time for them to learn some chores at the house now that they have so much free time. My eldest is in charge of helping keep the house clean. I told him to apply floor wax and to make the floor shiny! My two other kids will help to keep things in their proper places and also to water the plants! I also told my son that I will buy Wooden Blinds for our windows to keep them easier to clean. Of course, these chores will only take 30 minutes of their time and then they are free to enjoy their vacation! Poor mommy has to work but the weekends will be sure to be family bonding time! It's only Monday and I can't wait for the weekend because we will have our first swimming treat by then!

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