Wanted: Summer Job

Mar 30, 2011

My sister who is an incoming third year Journalism student is now on summer break. She and her friends are looking for a one-month job so that they can earn some money before school starts in two months. If I know my sister, her real reason would be to earn some money to buy a new phone. Her old, hand-me-down phone conked out and she is now using a China phone that takes forever to charge! I admire my sister for her initiative to find a job so that she can buy her own stuff. She knows that I will buy for her if it is needed in school, but at the moment, I cannot help her buy gadgets. I hope she gets accepted in the company that they applied for yesterday. I told her that she and her classmates should try to look for jobs logo designers because they are an artistic bunch of kids! I have seen how their props for school projects look like and making logo designs might be something that they can be good at. Although a job at a call center is okay too because she can practice her communication skills, I worry about her health because it will be a night job. Anyway, I just hope that whatever job they would get is something that they would enjoy!

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