Grotto Vista Resort

Apr 28, 2011

We were at Grotto Vista Resort in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan last Black Saturday to celebrate my niece's birthday and just to take a breather from the oppressing summer heat. I know that there will be many people at pools and resort, but I was not prepared for the sheer number of people at the Grotto Vista!
Being a holiday, entrance was P175 for adults and P125 for kids against the usual P150 and P100. Despite the number of people, there was adequate parking and push carts. Paying at the counter and entering the resort was very systematic so we did not take long in the lines. There were a lot of staff present to assist us.
There are several pools at Grotto Vista but I was only able to see 2 of them: the one pictured below and the kiddie pool where my kids stayed the whole day.
There were so many cottages to choose from and these giant slides were very popular too!
Nipa huts like these are available, as well as several types of cottages depending on how many you are in the group. There were enough wash area but I didn't like that there was a designated grill area and you had to wait your turn to grill your food. This is the kiddie pool. It was big and I lost my kids several times here! I cant pick them out from the sheer number of kids swimming!
There were also showers like these, as well as covered areas near the pool.
There was a show while we were at Grotto Vista. There were dancers, singers and stand up comedians. Good thing that our cottage was near the stage so we enjoyed the show very much.
Unfortunately, it was standing room only at the pool!
However when it was time to go home, despite the numerous shower rooms, we had to wait a long time before we can take a shower. There were just too many people! All in all, it was a very enjoyable day for the kids. The adults enjoyed the show although most of us in the group didn't bother to swim. We just enjoyed ourselves watching the kids have a grand time!Finally, it was time to go home! My kids made me promise that we will come back when the resort is not as crowded as this.

I think that Grotto Vista is prepared and ready for a great number of people visiting their resort at this time of the year. They prepared additional entertainment for the guests and there were enough life guards and maintenance people that keeps the place clean all day long. I hope to be visit this resort another time.

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  • aimee
    April 28, 2011  

    Wow looks like you had a lot of fun! Great place! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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