I Miss My House!

Apr 1, 2011

Below is the picture of my house, taken last December 2010 months after tiling of the floors and re-painting. We spent a lot of money, but my husband still refuses to move here. I understand his concern because this house was severely damaged during the Typhoon Ondoy that struck the nation two years ago. We wanted to have a second floor, install hardwood floor and a third floor and rooftop, just in case our area becomes flooded again. But I so miss my house! Its been more than a month since we visited and it has been three months since we've slept here! It is in Montalban, Rizal and is an hour away by motorcycle, and more if by public transport.I know that it is not practical to keep paying for a house that we are not occupying even as a weekend home but we really cannot bear to rent it out. I know that we can easily get a tenant for P2,500 a month but I just cant bear to think of somebody else living here! I would rather sell it completely! Hay, emotional attachment much for something that can be used to generate income, I know.But I know that we will be able to live here in the near future and I just have to keep on believing that God will provide for us to build it to our heart's desire. And once my husband feels safe that we can live there no matter what calamity could come, then I will miss my home no more!

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