Plaza Cuartel, Puerto Princesa

Apr 4, 2011

The Plaza Cuartel was not in our city tour itinerary. Either the driver didnt know about this, or he was already tired from our travel from Iwahig. I just chanced upon it when I went from the Immacualte Conception Church to the other side of the street to buy something to drink at the stalls. I saw the marker and went inside the closed gate. The guard let us in when we said we were tourists. They are friendly that way!
The marker says that Plaza Cuartel was once a military camp and during the 2nd World War, the Japanese Army burned to death some 150 prisoners of war. The survivors swam from this place to the Iwahig Penal Colony.

The marker for those who died and for the survivors.
There were no more reminders of the ugly realities of war in this park. There were even some local kids taking candid pictures at the place, unmindful of the sad history.The marker is here as a reminder of th e atrocities made against human life.
I hope that we can all offer a prayer for past and future casualties of war and to remember that nobody ever wins a war.

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