Underground River Tour, Part 2

Apr 27, 2011

This is the second part of my posts about our Underground River Tour last March 2011 at Puerto Princesa in Palawan. Again, the tour is part of the package that we got from Audissie Pension but you can also arrange for this at any resort there for the same rate of P1500 per person, inclusive of buffet lunch at the beach. This part of the tour is when we were already at the Underground River National Park. Here are some pcitures I took at the park. We actually waited for more than an hour for our turn to ride the paddle boat going inside the river. There were so many tourists and there are limited number of boats that should be inside the river so as not to disturb the ecological balance. The wait was made bearable by the other animals at the park, namely the monkey and lizard.
Our tourist guide warned us not to bring food or plastic bags because the monkey will grab them from us and sure enough, one foreigner fell victim to one of the monkeys! The animal grabbed her plastic and ran for it! The lizard below was too big even for me who was used to seeing bayawak as a kid!
Then, it was finally our turn to ride the paddle boat. Our boatman was very informative and super hilarious! The ride took more than 30 minutes but it was very exciting! We saw huge and wonderful riock formations in underground river. The river was deep so we had to keep our balance all the time. Too bad my point and shoot camera was not able to take any decent pictures. It was pitch black inside and only the flash light of our boat made us see anything!
Here are some random photos I took while waiting. The first one is the brackish water of the river and the next is the entrance to the cave and the beautiful blue boat. The next photo is the opening where the river and the ocean meets and the last one is the serene ocean where our boats were waiting for us!
These are official photos taken by the photographer at a cost of P150 each.
It was really a very exciting and fun tour and I proud that the Underground River is now one of the finalists on the New 7 Wonders of the World! Please vote for it too!

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