Smoking Ban In Manila? Yeah, Right!

May 30, 2011

Its funny why we have to make new laws when we already have lots of them that we can't even implement. Here is a photo I took last Saturday on our way to Divisoria to buy uniforms and school supplies. Can you see the driver's hand on the steering wheel and the huge no smoking sign posted inside his jeepney?
I didn't call his attention to this sign because I didn't want to transfer to another jeepney should he take offense. And also because his smoke wasnt blowing towards me and my son. But if I was having a bad day, I might have called his attention and maybe picked a fight, ha ha!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 25, 2011

Happiness is a an attitude and whatever life gives you, its up to you how to react! Me, I choose to be happy and I count my blessings here:
1. Sweet sons and daughter who takes care of me when I am sick. I had a terrible migraine last Monday and I was too nauseated to even take my clothes off. Drexelle made the bed, Danniel gave me medicine and Ishi rubbed my head with Giga balm. She also put on my socks and tucked me in. They all kissed me goodnight very tenderly. What more can a mother ask for!
2. Money to send Mom home to the province and am still praying for her safe journey because of the typhoon. She only goes home once every 3 years or so and even though money is hard because of school opening, I am just thankful that she was still able to go home. But we miss her already.
3. The super fun Fiesta in Batangas last Sunday. Thanks again Karen for having us!
4. A great Ensogo deal for me and my sister. I wont tell what it is, but its for beauty of course!
5. My husband, who always put his family above all!
6. Slimming coffee. I will blog about it later.
7. Patience for the bonus that I hope will come.
8. The rain and the coolness it brings.
9. The upcoming Bohol trip. Its off-site planning for our department but its still gonna be fun!
10. My son for being responsible. He can now take care oh his siblings! Yehey!

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Batangas Fiesta!

May 24, 2011


Batanguenos are very well known for their hospitality and one proof to this is when we visited last Sunday during their town Fiesta. Our friend Karen invited us over for the day and we were very much awed at how much effort they exerted for our visit! Their house was shining with the lovely yellow curtains, and the food was overflowing!
This is just one of the many tables laden with wonderful dishes that we enjoyed!
We visited a total of 5 houses so you can just imagine how full we were with all those food! In Batangas, you have to grace each and every house or they will take offense.
It was really a very fun town fiesta and we are very grateful to Karen and her family for having us again!

Found My Hats, But the Wedding's Over!

May 19, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 18, 2011

Its the time of the week again to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. Enrollment is done and just books and school supplies to go!
2. Cathy and her credit card and 6 months interest free payments.
3. The Robinsons mall sale and school shoes at low prices.
4. Jansport bag at P800 ;-)
5. Learning to drink Tequila with the husband and surviving to go to work the following day.
6. A bottle of red wine with the hubby while watching the news and eating corn bits. Bliss!
7. Butterfly kisses at night ;-)
8. Re-reading Twilight and still finding it as cheesy as before.
9. A pay raise ;-)
10. Coffee!

There are lot more reasons to be thankful and we must always, always count our blessings! To learn about where this meme came from and for credits on the image, click here.

Post It Note Tuesday: Dear Self

May 17, 2011

The Cebu Pacific Piso Fare is Back!

May 16, 2011

The Cebu Pacific Piso Fare is back! Travel period is from October 1 to November 30, 2011.

Unfortunately, the cost of fuel is so high that for 5 of us who wish to go to Caticlan on November the cost will be P1,797.60 when it used to be around just P500 before. Anyway, my husband and I are still discussing if we will go to Boracay. I hope there are still seats left later!

Watery Wednesday: Swimming Contest

May 11, 2011

It was a tiring and rainy day but the happiness on the kid's faces was enough to wipe out my fatigue away! Ishi sure had a very wonderful birthday! They loved the food and they liked the resort! They had so much fun in the water and I was able to capture one of these moments. They were having a contest on who can swim the fastest. It was especially fun because none of them know how to swim and they were just walking in the water, with much flailing of arms and legs, ha ha!

It was especially fun watching the kids enjoy themselves and we hope to do this again soon! Happy Watery Wednesday!

Buffet Lunch at Underground River Tour

May 10, 2011

As promised, here are the food that we enjoyed during our Underground River Tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan last March 2011. We were the first to eat lunch because our slot was at 1130. We were lucky to have eaten already because we still had to wait our turn to ride the paddle boats to the river and we were not grumpy during the wait. Please excuse the quality of the photos as my hands were shaking from hunger as soon as I laid eyes on the delicious meal!

Adobong KangKong for fiber!
Cucumber salad!
Grilled pork!
I forgot the name of this soup but it was like tinola with coconut.
Oh and there was also this grilled yellow fin tuna that I wasnt able to get a picture of! And then after that delicious meal, we walked it off at this very beautiful beach. We also tried to jump it off a little, but I guess we were too heavy for take off, ha ha!
It was a very wonderful day and we were extremely happy, well-fed and just thankful for being alive!

Mellow Yellow Monday: The Birthday Girl

May 9, 2011


Nothing can make a mother happier than seeing her kids happy! And in time for mother's day, we celebrated Ishi's 7th birthday at Bosay Resort in Antipolo. The celebrant was so happy I could cry!
This is Ishi with her birthday tarpaulin at our cottage at the resort. Despite the rain yesterday, we had so much fun we promised to come back to Bosay Resort next time.
Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 4, 2011

I love Wednesdays! It is two days away from the weekends which means rest is near and two days away from Monday which means work is half way done! Anyway, here are some reasons to be thankful for.
1. Ishi is turning 7 years old this Friday!
2. And we have finally made a reservation at Bosay Resort
3. I am having a birthday tarpaulin printed too!
4. We now have a van so traveling wont be as tiring as before.
5. A lugaw with tokwa and egg dinner date with husband in Antipolo overlooking Manila last night. It was the cheapest date ever yet very sweet too!
6. Loans for tuition fees approved! I wont let the payment schemes ruin my happiness on this one!
7. Ready to enroll on Friday
8. An ever-supportive family: my mom who never complains, my sister Dianne who always has an ear for my complaints and Kris, a very reliable and responsible sister.
9. I discovered that some people were blocking me and my husband and my kids from viewing their FB pictures and wall posts and while I was initially hurt because I would never think to do that to them in the first place because they are family, I figured that unfriending them is not a very mature thing to do. Ha ha, its their problem really and not mine. But wait till I upload the pictures at Ishi's birthday this Sunday where they are invited, but I will hide it from them as well. Ha ha, revenge is sweet.
10. Oh, and I finally reached my first adsense payment threshold and am just waiting for the moolah to arrive!

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