LP156: Basa

Jun 30, 2011

Isa ito sa mga pinakasikat na palaro sa aming barangay kapag fiesta, ang sisirang coins. Oo, ang mga batang yan ay sumisisid sa malalim na palanggana ng asul na tubig para kunin sa pamamagitan ng bibig nila ang mga baryang limang piso at sampung piso.
Patagalan at padamihan ng makukuha! At pag ahon ng mukha ay basang basa sa kulay asul na tubig! Tingnan nyo yung batang nakatayo sa ibaba na nagluluwa ng coins!
Wala namang umuuwing luhaan dahil bawat may batang susubok ay palaging nilalagyan ng maraming barya.
Ang saya ano?

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jun 29, 2011

Count your blessings and they will multiply a thousand fold! So, here are ten things that made me happy this week.
1. 2 books in one day. Okay, they are just romance novels but still, am getting my reading groove back.
2. Seeing how my sister Kris is studying really hard but seems to enjoy it too.
3. Our van is okay again after that brake problem last week.
4. The house was almost flooded again by typhoon Falcon last Friday. Almost, but the rain subsided and the water receded.
5. sleeping soundly despite the typhoon.
6. Visiting the dream house and seeing that it was not flooded this time.
7. Thankful that we are not yet living there so was spared the aggravation of how my kids and mom would fare during such heavy rains.
8. The suspension of classes, hehe.
9. Husband's simple birthday dinner at home with the family.
10. Everybody is safe. Thanks God!

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Air Phil's P1 Sale for February 2012

Jun 28, 2011

Wow, Air Phil is doing a Cebu Pacific and is offering again a crazy P1 deal today! This time, its for February 1 to 28, 2012 from Manila to major domestic tourist destinations. Unfortunately, the Kalibo and Caticlan seats are all taken since I can't find even one seat for any dates in February. And unlike Cebu Pacific's Piso Fare of last year, they now charge fuel surcharge of P250 pero way so a roundtrip P1 fare is now actually P691! Still, its not too bad a deal and is really quite a steal. See if you can get any, so goodluck and happy seat-a-hunting!

Air Phils P1 Christmas Flights Sale

Jun 27, 2011

Air Philippines is having a one day seat sale, June 27 for one way flights to Manila. Travel period is on December 20-2011 to January 1, 2012. I am checking this out right now so lets see if anything looks good for a Christmas family vacation!

Mommy Moments: Happy Father's Day!

Jun 24, 2011

mommy moments

His birthday and Father's Day card says it all: Best Dad Ever, You Rock! Need I say more?

LP 155: Kailangan

Jun 23, 2011

Kailangan ko siya tulad ng pangangailangan ko sa hangin para mabuhay. Siya ang aking kabiyak, at isang malaking biyaya sa aking buhay. Bata pa lang kami ng maging mag-asawa, 19 siya at 21 naman ako ng isilang ang aming panganay. Pero hindi katulad ng mga ibang batang nag-asawa, sa awa ng Diyos, heto naman kami at magkasama pa rin at masayang namumuhay kasama ang aming tatlong anak. Marami pa rin kaming hinaharap na pagsubok pero marami na rin naman kaming mga pangarap ng natupad. At alam ko, marami pa rin kaming pagdaraanan sa buhay pero hindi ako natatakot dahil siya ang kasama ko at batid ko na laging kami ang una sa buhay nya. Kapag nga ako ay nagdarasal, nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos dahil ibinigay niya sa akin ang isang lalaking katulad ni Noel. Birthday niya ngayon, at isang espesyal na okasyon para ipaalam sa inyong lahat ng mahal ko siya, at kailangan ko siya sa buhay ko.

Maligayang Kaarawan, Sweetheart! At nawa ay mapuno ang araw na ito ng mga bagay na higit na makakapagpasaya sa iyo!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 22, 2011

I have been sad these past few days and I really don't know why. It must be the hormones or something else. But I realized today that feeling sad can be really tiresome so I vow to be happy today! And to make me happier, I am counting my blessings!
1. My mom is feeling better today.
2. Danniel's fever was gone without the need for a visit to the doctor!
3. My husband is feeling a lot better too and was able to go back to work already.
4. Blogs are updated regularly.
5. Finding more paid posts opportunity.
6. The kids are now used to waking up early and they are ready to leave the house thirty minutes before their flag ceremony.
7. My sister is in third year college already, yehey!
8. The exercise groove is back.
9. Nice lunch time movies showing at HBO during my workout, he he.
10. Being alive!

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I Am Sad

Jun 21, 2011

How to Extreme Coupon In Canada

Have you ever wondered how to Extreme Coupon in Canada? The Couponing rules in Canada are a little different. But the bottom line is Yes, to some intent. Yes, you can sometimes purchase a $100 worth of groceries for as little as $18, its been done time and time again. Canadian free stuff has a Master Coupon Guru blogger Cheetah, who has dedicated a lot of her spare time into couponing. Cheetah has created a whole series to Extreme Couponing in Canada of How to Extreme Coupon in Canada ( http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/how-to-coupon/). Once you understand the basics of couponing online, you will need to quicken up your time and follow these two wonderful bloggers around Canada, learning how to save money on your grocery bill every week.

Cheetah lives in Ontario and also blogs Eastern Canada Coupon deals ( http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/category/coupons/canada-coupons-best-deals/east-coast-grocery-deals/). She finds them with cross referencing with her weekly flyers. And Linda from Saskatchewan blogs about Western Canada coupon deals ( http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/category/coupons/canada-coupons-best-deals/west-coast-grocery-deals/) And if you are in need of trading coupons or need to ask couponing questions, feel free to visit their Canada Coupon Forum ( http://www.canadianfreestuff.com/forum/f18/)

Mommy Moments: Daddy Moments

Jun 17, 2011

mommy moments

We married young, my husband and I and it was not easy in the beginning. I was just very lucky that the man I married always put his family first. Here he is below with our eldest son Drexelle who is almost as tall as him already! In a few years, they will look like buddies!
And here he is with our younger kids, playing with them. He makes it a point to always have time with his kids and I really love him for that!

My kids are lucky because they have father who loves them very much. He works really hard to give our kids all that he can. Happy Father's Day, Sweetheart!

Gift Cards at My Coupons.com

Jun 15, 2011

How many of us use gift cards? I know I love to give them as gifts as well as receive them. They are great for so many reasons. First, it lets us shop at our favorite stores and buy something for ourselves without thinking about saving money for once. I know it is tough. I feel like I never buy anything for myself. And speaking of gifts, I struggle with every holiday and birthday. There are so many stores, products, gaming systems, etc. So, that is why I love to buy gift cards and how about this option. MyCoupons.com offers a discounted gift cards section. Did you know that you can buy a retailer gift card for less than face value. For example, you can buy a $100 Build a Bear gift card for $88. How cool is that? You can get a great gift card for someone and actually pay less than the amount on the card. Plus, they ship it to you for Free, so you don’t have any additional fees. Want even more savings, grab coupon codes for Build a Bear and save money with an online purchase. They have hundreds of offers like some of my favorite stores, like Target Old Navy and they have plenty of Target Coupons and Old Navy Coupons.

If you want to take it a step further and get a really personalized yet practical gift, go over to giftcards.com. They have personalized prepaid Visa and MasterCard’s. You can actually put a photo of your kids, pets, house, etc on the card and send it out as a gift to someone. You preload the amount and you can even add a greeting card right on the site. Perfect for all gift giving options plus you are giving cash and not a gift that someone will never use. Also, they also have an option where you can sell gift cards that you might not want. I hope that this helps to eliminate some of the stress surrounding these occasions. Now you only have about 20 other things to worry about? Ha. Good Luck and have some fun with your gift giving.

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for >My Coupons.com, and also writes about being thrifty on her One Income Dollar site.

Happy Independence Day!

Jun 12, 2011

In June 12, 1898 we were proclaimed independent. But 113 years later, are we really free? Oh well, I take pride in being a Filipino and I respect my country and my fellow men. I do little things to make my country a pleasant place to live and I can never call any other place home.

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Filipinos and let us hope and pray for a brighter future for our country!

I Vote Yellow!

Jun 10, 2011

Got this from Levy and I voted Yellow and am sharing this with you. Why Yellow? Well because he looks cute with those eyes and because I love underdogs and he is way behind in the tally. And also because Yellow is our president's color. And because I love yellow. And just because, he he.

Prizes are huge too!

So vote now for your favorite M&M's!

First Day of Classes SY 2011-2012

Jun 9, 2011

Last Monday, I took a leave from work because it was Ishi's first day in big school. I was teary-eyed after I dressed her for school because she looks so good in it and because she looks so grown up! I was caught off guard at how fast she has grown to become a little lady. Hay.

Anyway, they were surprisingly up very early and we were ready by 630am. These are my kids on the way to their first day of school. Sniff, sniff. I suddenly feel old at my 34 years!

Last year, my husband would bring Danniel and Drexelle to school on our motorcycle. Its a good thing that we have this van now because he would have to make 2 trips because of the big bags!
Hay. It was a very stress-free day for all of us. My husband and I who both took a leave just spent the whole morning reminiscing about how fast they have grown. Deep inside, we are proud of ourselves for being able to send them to a good school, despite all the sacrifices that we have to make. Parenting is all about loving and making sacrifices for our children and we both know that we will do everything that we can for these kids.

Update on Metrodeal Referral

Jun 8, 2011

This is an update on my post yesterday entitled, "What is Wrong with Metrodeal Referral." I emailed them yesterday about the time I was ready to make the post and they have yet to reply and when I opened my email this morning, this was their reply:

Me: Hi, how do I refer friends?


Dear MetroDeal Customer,

Greetings! Currently our referral system is under maintenance but if you wanted to refer some friends just send them the link and have them create an account and purchase from it then send the email addresses to us so that we can give you credits manually. In case you need any further assistance, feel free to send us an email again. Thank you for patronizing our exciting promos! :)



If their referral system is under maintenance, then why cant they just be upfront about it and take out the words that says : earn P200 for every recommendation!

I really think that something is wrong here.

National Zero Day Sale at Cebu Pacific

Hey hey hey! Its a Happy Rainy Wednesday made specially happy by Cebu Pacific's National Zero Day for all their domestic and international destinations! Book now!
Travel period is from September 1-November 30, 2011. Hurry and grab your seats now!

What is Wrong with Metrodeal Referral?

Jun 7, 2011

I already signed with Metrodeal sometime ago and when I found this deal I want to share to my friends, I tried looking for the referral page and I cant find it! I emailed them and no reply. Then when I googled it, I found this, and when I tried to generate one for my husband this is what he received.
To try and generate your referral link, this is the link. But lo and behold, every time he clicked on the link, he was just redirected to the main page and not on the registration page! How can he therefore become my valid referral? What is wrong with Metrodeal Referral then and why do they claim that you will get a P200 for every successful referral when you cant find it on their site? Grrr, this is not good. Not good at all!

Note: Update on Metrodeal Referral.

Medical Uniforms

I was so happy to catch again the screening of one of my all-time favorite movie, City of Angels. Not only because I love the sound track and how Nicolas Cage looks so handsome but also because I love seeing Meg Ryan in her medical scrub as she gets ready for a surgery. She looks so efficient and clean at the same time. I really have a thing for people in scrubs because I think that they look so professional that I really feel at ease with the right away. And my friends know that I am a good source of information on where to buy medical uniforms because of this, umm, obsession. I always tell them to check out this link: http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/. When my youngest daughter was in pre-school, her uniform looks like a nursing scrub suit and she looks so adorable! I already have plans of her taking a medical course, ha ha. Of course, that is still so far off in the future but one can dream right? I think in the mean time I will just have to make do with watching TV shows with guys and gals in medical uniforms! But I can also just imagine myself the proud mom of a doctor or a nurse!


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