Jul 27, 2011

This bibingka is brought to you by the letters M and P. Not Manny Pacquiao but Mangan and Pakyaw.
More details on the Mangan deal from Pakyaw later!

Guinataang Tahong

Jul 25, 2011

This was one of the dishes that my friend Rona prepared during her birthday last July 22. I especially loved this dish and I have been trying to do cook this the way Rona's mom does but I have yet to accomplish the task! Anyway here are the ingredients and cooking procedure:
1 kilo mussels, washed and cleaned
siling labuyo
luya, sibuyas, bawang
1 cup gata
salt and pepper

Cooking procedure:
1. Saute garlic, oniom amd ginger.
2. Put the coconut milk and let boil while stirring gently.
3. Add the kangkong leaves and let boil once.
4. Add the mussels and the sili and let boil until almost oily. Add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Serve hot!

Puerto Princesa Palawan Souvenirs

Jul 23, 2011

This is a continuation of my posts regarding our Puerto Princesa, Palawan trip last March. Our first stay was spent on the city tour, the second day at the Underground River and the 3rd day at Honda Bay. Our last day of our four day stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was spent at the market. Our flight would leave late in the afternoon and we had lots to time to look for pasalubongs. There were so many choices like these key chains and ref magnets. And they were very cheap!There were also these wood carvings that are sold individually or in pairs. I wanted to buy one but hesitated at the last minute because it wont look good in my house, ha ha.
There was this ship that my husband had wanted to buy except that we were not sure if we can bring it as hand carry and not check it in. Then it was time to check out the wet market and we were so happy! The prices of fish and other fish products were amazingly low compared to Manila. These were sold at 40 or 60 per kilo if I remember correctly.
Just look t how much they were being sold per kilo.
And how fresh they look!My mother-in law would have loved these!
And I dont know what these are called!
There were also these dried fish and danggit for sale.
This lamayo really tempted me! Unfortunately, I was already very low on budget by this time.
There were also dried and chihcaron pusit, cashew nuts and a lot more!
The sales lady was offering t let me taste this tapang baboy but I refused.
And if you are wondering how to bring all these stuff home, below is the packing rate for all those pasalubongs.
We bought crabs and tuna and cashew nuts and lots of key chains and ref magnets, a rainmaker and a boat inside a bottle and a lot more! We love Puerto Princesa city and I want to come back again next time!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jul 20, 2011

Its Wednesday and its the day of the week to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. That wonderful 10km run last Sunday. I survived!
2. The Cebu family trip in August will push through, God willing!
3. The best sister in the world, Ate Dianne turned a year older and prettier! Love you ate!
4. My sistah from another motha and best friend for life, Rona, had her birthday too! Love you din Rona!
5. Oh, and the birthday food. Dinuguan and pansit of Kuya Mher, and Rona's chili crab. Yummeeeeee!
6. My curly hair. Long story, but it now looks great.
7. My husband's massage from De Stress Spa. It was great and he loved my gift.
8. Surviving the first month of my kids tuition, ha ha. Ouch but worth it.
9. My family for always making everything worth it.
10. My friends and office mates or friends at the office, for making my work feels not like work but play, hi hi. I am very lucky to be working with these wonderful people and even if I don't say it much, I hope they realize that I feel that way about them!

It was really a wonderful week and I am looking forward to more great week ahead! I can only count my blessings and I know that I can survive anything! For credits on this meme and to see how this started, check here.

De Stress Express Spa Experience

Jul 19, 2011

I bought a Metrodeal voucher for my husband as a belated birthday gift. It was a 90-minute full body massage at De Stress Express Spa for only P200. The original price was P499 and availment period started last July 16 and we went there yesterday. I just called their number to reserve a slot for 7pm and it went very smoothly. The spa was located inside Shopwise in Libis, near the food court. When we arrived, the lady just asked for our voucher and she made me sign the form and then my husband was whisked inside and was lost to me for 90 minutes!
I did not avail of any of their services because I was not in the mood. Since I was just there to wait for my husband for one and a half hour, they made me sit in one of their massage chairs inside. With muted lighting and piped-in music, and scents all around me, I fell asleep and woke up 15 minutes before my husband emerged contented from his massage. I felt like I had a massage of my own!
They do not have any fliers but they have this list of their services at the counter. The spa was not full when we get there but there were several walk in guests too. My husband enjoyed his massage and he told me that he will come again next month.
And I think that a one hour massage is not bad at P350 if my husband said it was worth the money! Oh, there was wifi connection at Shopwise Libis so even if I was not sleepy, I would not be bored. So next time you see a De Stress Express Spa promo at any of the group buying sites, buy for yourself and indulge! You wont regret it because it will be worth it!

Our First 10K Run at Fit & Fun

Jul 17, 2011

It was our first time to run a 10K run and even without training, I am happy to say that I survived. The Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run was Robinsons Supermarket much awaited run and it is now on its 4th year. and we I really was not planning on signing up but when a slot opened at our HR at the last minute, I signed up for a dream! Our last run was in June 2009, for a 5K run.My husband was my buddy and I was just thankful that it was a buddy run because he had no choice but to wait for me.The 10K run started at 530 am. Of course, there were times when my husband had to leave me but he would wait for me anyway. I just kept to my pace so as not to hold him back. I kept to my steady pace and was surprised that I was confident that I would make it!
The first 6 kilometers were easy because I run at our office gym daily. But running on a treadmill is very different from running on the street. At 7kim, I was just happy to still be able to lift my legs!
It was 8km and I was still smiling! I was afraid of getting cramps because I was not used t o running this distance, but thankfully all was well.
By this time, I was more than confident that I am able to finish the race and with good time too! With just 1 km to go, I was feeling high indeed! We listened to our body and with really no time to beat, we know that we were having a good run time.
And we did it! Running with my husband was fun and we kissed upon reaching the finish line! 1 hour and 27 minutes for our first 10k was not bad at all!
We survived our First Fit and Fun 10K Wellness Buddy Run!
One thing that I learned from this run is that the registration fee is nothing compared to the giveaways that you will get from the sponsors! These bags were handed to us right after finishing the race.
These were the loots from the bags and from the various booths!
This was taken at Dole booth, but they dont have bananas, only pineapples! Here is B1 and B2, hehe.
Another fun picture taken at the close up booth gave us a very nice souvenir of that run that we did, an experience that we will cherish until our next race!
Next post, 10 things I learned about my first 10K run.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Press Scree

Jul 14, 2011

My stars aligned again last Tuesday when upon my open hands dropped the coveted tickets to the press screening(yay, i get to see the movie first!) of the final installment of the Harry Potter film franchise! It was like the same hands of fate dealt me when I got free tickets to the first Eraserheads reunion concert in September 2008. Yes, aside from my family only a few things makes me happy and chief among them are Harry Potter, Eraserheads and free tickets, ha ha ha! Happiness, thy name is Dinah watching the HP press screening
There was still time to take photos with the hard core fans. I would have don a costume had I known that I could watch it earlier.It was only fitting that I will watch my first 3D movie in Imax, with the last Harry Potter film!
We probably had the worst seat in the house because we were seated at the first row and had to crank our heads this way and that but you wont hear us complaining. See, polite people that we were, we ate our free food outside of the cinema before going inside to find seats. Yes, poor technique which we realized belatedly but nevertheless, it didn't dampen our excitement nor enjoyment!
So how was the movie? It was more than I expected and yet less than what I would have wanted to see. I cried a few times and gripped my seat a few times too despite knowing the story by heart. And for my husband who has no idea who Dumbledore was, it was good. And coming from him, that was a very high praise indeed. But like a true Harry Potter fan, I was actually sad after watching the movie because it was the end. That is how I feel after reading a book that I liked so much and not wanting the story to end. But even good things have to end.

I will keep this ticket as a souvenir and while I loved all the the movies and this last one more that the rest, the movie that played in my head while I was reading the books was still way better. I will always be comforted by the words of Dumbledore to Harry, "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jul 13, 2011

Happiness is me!
1. First time to see a movie at SM Mall of Asia.
2. First time to watch a 3D movie at Imax cinema.
3. First time to watch a Harry Potter movie during a world premiere showing at SM Mall of Asia on 3D!
4. Ha ha, am busted, am a Harry Potter hard core fan and yesterday was happiness!
5. Special and many, many thanks to my good friend Blanda for the free tickets, that comes with free food!
6. To Karen and Mel for being such good company and good sport despite the pangit na seat because we took so long to eat. But we didt let it spoil our fun!
7. My husband for being so cool about all of it, despite being NOT a Potter fan. One funny moment was when we wanted to take our photo with somebody he called yung matanda, not really aware nor caring about the character of Dumbledore. Sabi ko, wag ka maingay, baka kuyugin ka ng mga fans, ha ha!
8. My boss for letting me go early, without questions!
9. Karen again for the camera and the photo ops.
10. Oh and Ms Terry for the free lunch at Hyphys.
You know, most of my happiness from yesterday were free. Really, happiness is priceless. More importantly, Friends are Priceless!
To know how this started and for credits on the image, click here.

Ruby Tuesday: Basagang Palayok

Jul 12, 2011

Basagang Palayok is a favorite game in our barangay during our fiesta celebration. The object of the game is to hit the pot with the bat while blindfolded and with only the crowd telling which direction to go. Bot kids and adults alike, male and female enjoy this game. Other than the candies and coins in the pot, the hitter also gets a cash prize.
Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Billar Man Made Forest

Jul 11, 2011


This is the Billar Man-Made Forest in Bohol which is one of itineraries included in our day tour. We passed it on our way to the Chocolate Hills. This place is a good example of how we can take care of nature by doing our part and planting trees to repopulate our forest.
This is the group shot. It was fun taking photos here because this area is right smack in the middle of two blind curves. Our van serves as the look out while our tour guide was the photographer.
And why not make a jump for it too?

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Mommy Moments: Parks

Jul 8, 2011

mommy moments
We only know one park because it is our favorite: the Quezon Memorial Circle or the QC Circle located infront of the Quezon City Hall. We go there on weekends to exercise, to play and to eat.
We have great family there over the years, as evidenced by these pictures. This one below was taken this year.
A new attraction at the park is the Circle of Fun where we had this jump shot. I think the entrance fee is P40 and rides are from P30 to P60.
We have been going to this park for some time now and it is still a favorite with the kids.
This one below I think was taken in 2008.

We also love eating at the park. We usually bring rice, pandesal, fried egg, tuna, peanut butter and pancit canton and we are all set for a fun picnic.
We really love the QC Circle and we are quite happy with the government's continuous improvement of the park that we love! It is free, it is clean and it is convenient and the kids and adults alike can do a lot of stuff here.

Have a Happy Mommy Moments everyone!


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