Buffet Lunch at Honda Bay Tour

Jul 7, 2011

For the third day of our Puerto Princesa travel last March, we went on an island hopping tour of Honda Bay. It was a very fun day and we really turned brown after being under the sun and on the beach for the whole day! Please excuse the quality of the photos because we used an underwater camera case and we did not take it out even while on shore for fear of not being able to put it back properly. Anyway, this post here is about the food that we enjoyed while at Pandan Island. Our tour guide and the two boatmen were immediately busy with the lunch preparations.

This is the view of the ocean while I was seated at the cabana waiting for the food to be ready. Sa view pa lang, busog ka na!
The other time I went to Palawan was in Coron last 2009 and I was not able to eat big crabs so when we saw these being sold at the island, we asked how much. It was P375 per kilo, including the cooking charge. I wasnt buying the crabs at that price even though I was salivating over them so it was a good thing that a couple asked to split the kilo with us.
Our order turned out to be 5 large crabs and I ended up eating almost 4 of them. The other guy was allergic to seafoods and he just wants some for his wife who can only eat one, ha ha. So my husband, who was not fond of crabs eat only a portion and since everybody on our table also brought their own, I had no choice but to finish them all, and I did with gusto! With garlic and vinegar as dipping sauce, I was in heaven!
The other dishes served are these salted eggs with tomatoes in a very apptizing presentation.
Grilled pork with soy sauce and kalamansi as dipping sauce.
Grilled tuna with more tomatoes.
And more of these salted eggs in a much nicer presentation!
And these sliced cucumber to clean the palate.
This was a photo I took of my plate and I think this was my first plate because it still looks clean. There were twenty of us in the boat and I thought that the food was not enough but there was more for everybody!
The buffet lunch was really very good especially because it was easy to eat and being on a beach with plenty of food was just heaven in my book!

I hope you enjoy looking at the food as much as I did eating them. One good reason to go to Honda Bay is to experience the food by the beach and the wonderful islands too!

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