Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

Jul 5, 2011

Our third day in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was for our Honda Bay Tour. We were picked up by a coaster from our Audissie Pension Inn at 8am to be brought to the the Honda Bay pier. We passed by several hotels and pension inns picking up several guests as well. I like how organized the tourism groups in Puerto Princesa because instead of paying more for a tour for two, you get to pay your share for a group tour. Unlike on Bohol where you have to hire your own transportation to visit their tourist sites, you can join a group tour which can be arranged at your pension inn.

At the pier, we rented an underwater camera case for P250. It was good thing that we did because otherwise our camera would have been useless as most of our photos here were taken in or on water. Our first stop was snorkeling and we were dropped off at this big dock shaped like a giant turtle. I forgot the name of the place, but it has a sign that says "the best of Honda Bay is underwater." We rented a snorkeling gear for P100 for the whole day and we took turns using it. Since my husband and I cant swim, we just floated in the water and would dunk ourselves underwater to look at the corals and fish. We were told not to step on the corals but I was unable to help myself sometimes and I ended stepping on some of them. I just hope I didn't hurt any! Our boatmen were very helpful and they can bring you to nice spots for snorkeling. They will also serve as photographer for you. Our tour guides reminder was just to give them some tip if we can. After some time, we were called back to our boats and we proceeded to our next stop which was Pandan Island. We were supposed to go to Snake Island first but we went to Pandan Island instead because the other one was crowded. At Pandan Island, there were several we went fish feeding and one of them bit me! The guide said that these fish were territorial and to just avoid going back to that same spot. There were so many fish and we immensely enjoyed ourselves. Our boatman took our photos from underwater but it did not came out good because my camera was nit set properly. Sayang! While waiting for lunch, we took some jump shots! We also had our lunch at Pandan Island and I will make a separate post about the buffet lunch later. We also bought buko juice and a kilo of crabs to satisfy my cravings. I split it with another couple who ended up eating only one crab so I ended up with 4 big crabs for my self! After that delicious lunch, we wanted to get a massage but the tour guide advised us against it because we have another island to visit. Initially, I thought Snake Island was not as beautiful as Pandan Island. I would say that it looks like a public beach in Batangas because there were not nice huts or cabanas to use. Good thing we decided to eat at Pandan Island because it was a lot bigger and with a lot more shade. But the water at the beach was as good and when we walked further in the island, we saw a mangrove forest and then I changed my mind about the island! When we came back to the other side of the island, there was a sari-sari store that sells halohalo and we bought two to fight the island heat! We also went snorkeling and fish feeding again. Our tour guide also help us pass the time by taking great pictures. Then it was time to go home at around 4 pm. At the pier, we were met by the ladies renting out the camera case and out coaster was there again to take us back to our hotels. We just showered and changed our clothes at the hotel instead of lining up at Snake Island. It was not uncomfortable wearing clothes while on a boat anyway. And it was not a long ride back to the hotel as well. I forgot to mention that the tour guides here in Puerto Princesa are very well trained and really take a deep pride in their job of promoting tourism in their city. They were the best tour guides that I have ever seen. Hope you enjoyed my Honda Bay post and I will post the menus for our buffet lunch soon.

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