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Jul 1, 2011

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I envy moms who do not need to work because I want to be at home and take care of my kids. But since life is hard and money is scarce, he he, I have to help my husband with our finances. But even though we work almost all of our waking hours, we love staying at home whenever we can.

We have two houses, our dream house in Montalban Rizal which was ravaged by Ondoy and which we are building slowly but surely. We go there during long weekends or Christmas or Easter vacation. We plan to move there next year. But after this typhoon Falcon, we are re-thinking the plan. Below are my kids having breakfast at the house. You may ask why I used this picture, and its just because we do not have a table at our current house and my kids just love the novelty of eating here, he he.
Now, this other house can best be described by the Eraserheads song, Toyang. "Bahay nami'y maliit lamang, pero pero malinis to.."". We always say its so tiny that when you trip in the living room you will end up in the kitchen! And our bedroom is just an arms length away, ha ha! My husband grew up here and we rent it for a very minimal amount from his aunt. But just the same, it is home. We moved here when Drexelle was just three years old and both Danniel and Ishi have never known another home. The picture below was taken during Danniel's birthday party preparation. Yes, a small house means little space but it also means that makes us very close, even literally!
I hope you enjoyed our home and I wish you would invite us in yours too!

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  • Rcel
    July 01, 2011  

    Oh... having a small house isn't a problem to me at all. That's because we do have one, too. Nakiki-apartment nga lang kami kasi stranger lang dito eh. The most important thing is for the home to be filled with life, laughter, love, and food! Lol. Without either one of them, it really isn't a home. Yours is a perfect example! I am so glad to have come over! :)

    My first time joining Mommy Moments by the way! I hope to see you at my simple home! :)

  • Pinx
    July 01, 2011  

    that is so true , a small space will keep the family close...all the time! you have a happy family! thanks for the visit!

  • Tintin.Tetay
    July 01, 2011  

    Visiting from Mommy Moments. Thank you for giving us a preview of your home.

    Mine is up here.

    "It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." ~Author Unknown

  • Mirage
    July 02, 2011  

    Like you, we enjoy home moments a lot - bonding!

  • ♥♥ Willa ♥♥
    July 02, 2011  

    Home is where the heart is,and size does not matter. :)

    Thanks for visiting my Mommy Moments entry.

  • Jona
    July 02, 2011  

    i asee that your family are so close, literally and not :D thanks for the visit in our home.

  • Tetcha
    July 02, 2011  

    It's not the bigness or smallness that makes a home a home. It's the love that abounds in the home that makes it a safe and sweet haven for the entire family. Happy MM, and thanks for the visit!

  • Chubskulit Rose
    July 02, 2011  

    Bili ka ng bagong bahay sis sa ibang location, yung malayo sa baha hehehe. Love the family pic.

  • Dhemz
    July 03, 2011  

    there's no place like home ika nga...ang saya saya! thanks for dropping by!

  • Witchy Crazy Mommy
    July 04, 2011  

    Ang sweet ng family pic, I love small spaces too, mas gusto ko yun kita ko lahat a isang lingon. I have a toddler and prefer to see her around since I work from home.
    I remember my HS days with your E-heads quote ;-)

    Dropping by from MM, here's my entry

  • kimmyschemy
    July 04, 2011  

    it might be small, but it sure does look like filled with LOVE..

    MY ENTRY is here!

  • Lalah
    July 06, 2011  

    Small house.... Big house... doesn't matter as long as you have a happy and intact family. The way I see it you got both :)

    hope you could come and visit our Home

  • Chris
    July 07, 2011  

    as long as the family is safe and together. :0) home is where the heart is! glad you shared with us this week at mommy moments!

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