Puerto Princesa Palawan Souvenirs

Jul 23, 2011

This is a continuation of my posts regarding our Puerto Princesa, Palawan trip last March. Our first stay was spent on the city tour, the second day at the Underground River and the 3rd day at Honda Bay. Our last day of our four day stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was spent at the market. Our flight would leave late in the afternoon and we had lots to time to look for pasalubongs. There were so many choices like these key chains and ref magnets. And they were very cheap!There were also these wood carvings that are sold individually or in pairs. I wanted to buy one but hesitated at the last minute because it wont look good in my house, ha ha.
There was this ship that my husband had wanted to buy except that we were not sure if we can bring it as hand carry and not check it in. Then it was time to check out the wet market and we were so happy! The prices of fish and other fish products were amazingly low compared to Manila. These were sold at 40 or 60 per kilo if I remember correctly.
Just look t how much they were being sold per kilo.
And how fresh they look!My mother-in law would have loved these!
And I dont know what these are called!
There were also these dried fish and danggit for sale.
This lamayo really tempted me! Unfortunately, I was already very low on budget by this time.
There were also dried and chihcaron pusit, cashew nuts and a lot more!
The sales lady was offering t let me taste this tapang baboy but I refused.
And if you are wondering how to bring all these stuff home, below is the packing rate for all those pasalubongs.
We bought crabs and tuna and cashew nuts and lots of key chains and ref magnets, a rainmaker and a boat inside a bottle and a lot more! We love Puerto Princesa city and I want to come back again next time!

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  • palawan for sale
    August 12, 2011  

    wow! I never had the chance to spend some time in such a place like this, now as what i've seen and heard about the place i really want to go there... Thanks for sharing this post... :D

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