I Choose to be Strong!

Aug 31, 2011

My husband is currently confined at the hospital for something that caused him to pass out. I am not yet sure it was a fluke and nothing serious but I pray that he will get better soon. I choose to be strong and happy despite this recent challenge and I know that my outlook spells the difference between his getting well and my family getting over this. If I mope and keep a heavy disposition, everybody will feel the same so I choose to carry a lighter burden and give them all up to the Lord. I know that He will grant us his grace and everything will turn out okay!

Cebu Itinerary, Day2, Part 2

Aug 25, 2011

This is a continuation of my posts about our Cebu itinerary on our recent trip. First entry was our Day 1 and this is the second post of our Day 2. I also posted about some things I learned in Cebu and I will soon post about our food trip as soon as I am done with the itinerary. So I left of at Magellan's Cross in front of the Cebu City Hall.

  1. From Magellan's Cross, we walked a little farther and saw the Port of Cebu or Malacanan sa Sugbu. It is just right across the Fort of San Pedro.
  2. Fort San Pedro, described in an official repoort in 1939 is triangular in shape and made of stone and mortar. It looked a lot like Fort Santiago in Intramuros and while we were there, some men were setting up tents for a party. The place looks like a fortress and a watch tower for incoming enemies. There is also a national museum inside which kept Katipunero weapons, clothes and letters. At the entrance, there is also an exhibit on the founding of Cebu and Fort San Pedro in the past. Entrance fee was P40 and they give discounts for kids and senior citizens.
  3. From Fort San PEdro, we walked across a big park called Plaza Independencia. There was no more time to sit and take pictures because it was almost 12 noon by then and the kids were getting cranky.
  4. From Plaza Independencia, we rode a jeepney going to SM Cebu and then we just crossed the street to go to CNT Lechon.
  5. The lechon was good and we ordered a kilo at P360. More pictures of the food on a later post on the food trip!
  6. Then we went to SM Cebu to freshen up and we ate halo halo and banana float at Ice Castle.
  7. The kids enjoyed some rides at SM Cebu while I was enjoying their free wifi searching for a good beach in Mactan.
  8. Then we went to the taxi area to take a ride to the Taoist temple. Things went a little sour here when the driver refused to let us ride his car because we were too many. We were actually 4 adults and 4 kids per taxi but the driver refused and we all decided not to go to Taoist Temple anymore when the driver offered us a metered ride plus P250 per taxi.
  9. We went to the jeepney area and looked for the one that would take us to Carbon Market. It proved to be a good decision that we didtnt go to Taoist Temple because it started raining so hard when we were on the jeepney going to Carbon market! But it was bad because we walked while it was still raining and we had to stay at the market for an hour while it was raining so hard! But we were able to buy all the dried mangoes and otap that we wanted for pasalubong. We didnt try to buy any danggit because we had no check in baggage.
  10. When the rain let up a little, we took a taxi to Sampaguita Suite and we were almost done with the day because it was almost 6pm when we get back.
  11. For dinner and because it was still raining a little, my husband and I bought Monggo and Dinuguan from Zubuchon for dinner and we ate inside the room. Then we bought some canned beer from Mercury Drug to cap off our evening!
It was a wonderful day at Cebu City, although a little spoiled by that obnoxious taxi driver. We missed some spots from our itinerary like Casa Gorordo museum, Heritage monument of Cebu, Yap-San Diego Ancestral house and the Taoist Temple but we didnt think that we missed much. we loved the places we visited in Cebu and we had a taste both of the old and the new, the food and the culture and its people. All of the people that we asked for directions were willing to help us although some cannot speak in Tagalog. Cebu is a real nice place full of character and I am happy that were able to see it for the whole day!

My next post will be about our Day Trip to Mactan Island.

Cebu Itinerary, Day 2

Aug 22, 2011

This is a continuation of my post on our Cebu Itinerary when we visited the city last August 8-11. As I was saying on my last post about the things I learned in Cebu, we didn't rent a van to take us around the city. Again, it would have cost us P4500 and we didn't want to spend that much on transportation because we were prepared for some discomfort and we had time to go around the city. So for our Day 2, this is the list of places we visited by just taking the public transport.

  1. Cebu Cathedral was our first stop. We were supposed to go to Basilica de Sto Nino to say first our prayers before going around the city but the jeepney dropped us off here. We said our prayers, took pictures and walked across the street to the Cebu Cathedral Museum. Unfortunately, it was closed at that time and will open at 930.
  2. Infront of the Cebu Cathedral was the monument to Rajah Humabon. He was the first Filipino Chieftain to embrace Christianity and it was to him that the image of the child Jesus was given.
  3. Just walking distance from the monument was the Basilica de Sto Nino. If you were facing the Cebu Cathedral, it was at the left side and there was a street that will lead you to it. The original structure was built in 1565. The altar of the basilica was a sight to behold. At the back of the altar was the marble Sto. Nino Chapel built in 1975.
  4. Outside the church but within the compound was this place where you can light candles and offer your prayers to Senor Sto Nino de Cebu. Just beside it was the Basilica Sto Nino Museum where you had to pay entrance fee (P15 for students, P30 for adults) and you cant take any picture inside.
  5. Just across the street from the Basilica was Magellan's Cross which was also in front of the Cebu City Hall.
More photos of our Cebu Itinerary, Day 2 on the next posts!

Cebu Itinerary

Aug 18, 2011

Before our trip, I had to search for places of interest when we get to Cebu and the easiest way and order of going from one place to another. So I made this list of tourist destinations that one must visit when going to Cebu.
Here are the places we visited while in Cebu:

Day 1, Cebu Itinerary
  • Arrive from airport at 130pm.
  • Travel from Mactan to Sampaguita Suites in Fuenta Osmena was almost an hour and the taxi fare costs P300.
  • Check in at the hotel. Sampaguita Suites is just across Cebu Midtown hotel and near the Skywalk experience and Zubuchon and Larsian.
  • Go out to eat at nearby Robinsons Cebu. It was just across the street from our hotel.
  • Rest, freshen up and head to dinner at Larsian sa Fuente Circle.
  • Just cross the street going to Fuente Circle, take pictures of the monument and the Skywalk Adventure.
  • Eat at Larsian. Rice wrapped in coconut leaves is called pu-so and costs P3 each. You will be given plastic to cover your hands while eating. The barbecue's price range from P5 to P45 each. Prepare to smell like barbecues and cry from the smoke. We did!
  • Go back to the hotel but pass by Mercury Drug to stock on water and chips.
  • Sleep and be ready for a long day tomorrow.

I will post Day 2 of our Cebu Itinerary tomorrow.

Things I learned in Cebu

We were in Cebu from August 8 to 11 and it was a tiring but super fun experience. My whole family, my sister and her family, my younger sister and my mother and mother-in-law was with us in this trip. My sister-in-law and her kids also arrived during our second day and we all had fun together during our third day. Before I tell you all about our trip, here are some things I learned during this trip to Cebu.
1. There are three cities: Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu Lapu City, that you will see, visit or pass by. We stayed at Cebu City and it was good thing too because most the tourist sites are within the area. We passed by Mandaue City from the airport and on our way to Lapu Lapu City where Mactan Island was. I never knew this before and I would have booked as a room in Mandaue City if only the reservation agent at Europa Mansionette was a little more helpful. Goiod thing we ended up staying at Sampaguita Suites which was very near all conveniences.

2. You would save a lot of money if you are willing to suffer some minor discomfort. Though we were 8 adults and 4 kids in our group, we opted not to take a van for the city tour. The cost was P3,500 for 8 hours and P4,500 for 12 hours. We ended up taking a jeepney from Sampaguita Suites and it costs us only P60 and then another jeepney to SM Cebu from Plaza Independencia and another jeepney to Taboan Market. We only took a cab from Taboan back to the hotel because it was raining by then. We only missed visiting the Taoist temple because the taxi driver refused to take us if we wouldn't add P250 to the meter price but it was a better decision because it rained until the evening. We didn't even spend anywhere near a thousand pesos for transportation!

3. Dont expect too much and you wont be disappointed but you might be surprised!. During my first ever travel to Baguio with my family, I had a very romanticized image of the Pine City. I would be cold, clean and the views amazing! Needless to say I was sorely disappointed. It was hot, the traffic was bad and Mines View park was a terrible letdown. For this travel to Cebu, I read a lot and was not expecting to be dazzled by Baguio. I was just going to enjoy a new place with my family and will be happy about it. I was not disappointed when we arrived at the city during traffic hours and that the place looked just like any street in Espana in Manila. But I was happy to discover and see for my self the birth of Christianity in my country, the courage of my ancestors and the faith of my people. I was happy to see the everyday life of Cebuanos and can imagine myself living in Cebu. I was not disappointed because I was happy to be in Cebu.

4. Kindness knows no language. Some people who helped us with directions understand , but but cannot speak in Tagalog but they were most helpful anyway. We can easily find our way from one place to another riding the public transporation because of these kind people who would suggest the best way to get to one place.

I love traveling and I especially love this quote, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Aug 17, 2011

Its time to count our blessings again and what a good day to it than on Wednesdays? Happiness is:
1. The Cebu trip
2. The Boracay side trip
3. Vangie's beautiful, beautiful wedding to Rio.
4. Their hospitality.
5. Traveling with friends and pictures!
6. My mother and sister for being there for me.
7. My kids for their love and kisses.
8. Buffet breakfasts and extra rice
9. Roughing it up at Vangie's barrio fiesta
10. The LOVE and support I am getting from friends during this time.

I know that this too shall pass and I should not forget the blessings I am getting just because I am sad.

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Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Aug 10, 2011

Its Wednesday and time again to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. The Family is in Cebu!
2. Not only my family, but my sister Kris, my mother, my mother in law and my sister Dianne and her family!
3. And my sister in law and her family are here as well.
4. Seeing lots of new places and enjoying the company of each other.
5. Zubuchon.
6. CNT Lechon
7. Swimming in the rain.
8. Being silly and planking.
9. Budget be damned, he he.
10. Traveling

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Planking in Cebu

Aug 9, 2011

That is my eldest son Drexelle planking at the Fort San Pedro in Cebu. Yes he is planking and yes, I don't know what it means! But if he wants his photo taken while laying like that, I was just happy to oblige!
Just another fad but I have proof that he was once planked!

The Blogger (and Family) is in Cebu!

Touch down Queen City of the South, Cebu City for this blogger and Family! And we are enjoying every minute of it!!!
More stories to come!

LP 161: Pabitin

Aug 4, 2011

Nakasabit sa ulap ang kapirasong parisukat na kahoy na puno ng simpleng laruan at kendi. Pero ang pagtalon ng mga bata para sa kaunting kaligayahan, abot langit!
Pasensya na kung wala akong larawan ng nag-aagawan sa pabitin, nakitalon kasi ako!

How to Enjoy A Field Trip as a Chaperon

Aug 3, 2011

How to enjoy a field trip as a chaperon? Two words: HAVE FUN! Field trips are an avenue for our kids to learn new things outside of their classroom. My kids look forward to their field trip because it means they get to choose what food and snacks they can bring and brag to their classmates. A week before, they are already making a list of what to buy and who to sit with. They are super excited on the day itself because it also means a whole day outside spent with Mommy! I had to chaperon my daughter in Grade 1 and I requested that my son in Grade 3 just join us in the bus. They were both okay with it and we get to enjoy being together. One of my daughter's BFF had no chaperon so she was among my wards for the day!
I let them had fun and was just behind them to coax them to pose for pictures.
I encouraged them to join their friends and to learn new things together. I also told them to jump for me, and they did! But I keep on missing the jump, haha.
And while I was a chaperon watching my kids learn, I learn new things my self and just had fun being with them and learning with them. Yes, it is easy to enjoy a field trip because I see it not as a responsibility but a fun time for me too! And despite having to clean up messes by my son and Ishi's classmate because of motion sickness, it was fun, fun field trip! And Mommy gets to eat junk food too.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is:
1. Cebu trip on Monday with the whole family.
2. Arce Dairy Coffee Crumble ice cream.
3. Flat tops chocolate.
4. Field trip with Danniel and Ishi.
5. A thank you note from their classmate's mom.
6. The cool weather, minus the flood!
7. Vangie's fun shower party.
8. Hunger games by Suzanne Collins
9. 3-in-1 coffee
10. Friends and family.

I have a blessed life and I thank God every night because of all the people in my life. We may have financial problems but I lift all of it to God every night and I feel relieved every time. I know he will help me find a way. Life is great! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Mellow Yellow Monday

Aug 2, 2011


I love these yellow flowers even though I don't know what they are called. They make the place look beautiful and alive!
A field of yellow flowers!

Have a mellow yellow Monday everyone!


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