Cebu Itinerary, Day 2

Aug 22, 2011

This is a continuation of my post on our Cebu Itinerary when we visited the city last August 8-11. As I was saying on my last post about the things I learned in Cebu, we didn't rent a van to take us around the city. Again, it would have cost us P4500 and we didn't want to spend that much on transportation because we were prepared for some discomfort and we had time to go around the city. So for our Day 2, this is the list of places we visited by just taking the public transport.

  1. Cebu Cathedral was our first stop. We were supposed to go to Basilica de Sto Nino to say first our prayers before going around the city but the jeepney dropped us off here. We said our prayers, took pictures and walked across the street to the Cebu Cathedral Museum. Unfortunately, it was closed at that time and will open at 930.
  2. Infront of the Cebu Cathedral was the monument to Rajah Humabon. He was the first Filipino Chieftain to embrace Christianity and it was to him that the image of the child Jesus was given.
  3. Just walking distance from the monument was the Basilica de Sto Nino. If you were facing the Cebu Cathedral, it was at the left side and there was a street that will lead you to it. The original structure was built in 1565. The altar of the basilica was a sight to behold. At the back of the altar was the marble Sto. Nino Chapel built in 1975.
  4. Outside the church but within the compound was this place where you can light candles and offer your prayers to Senor Sto Nino de Cebu. Just beside it was the Basilica Sto Nino Museum where you had to pay entrance fee (P15 for students, P30 for adults) and you cant take any picture inside.
  5. Just across the street from the Basilica was Magellan's Cross which was also in front of the Cebu City Hall.
More photos of our Cebu Itinerary, Day 2 on the next posts!

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