I Want This For Christmas!

Sep 30, 2011

All I want for Christmas is one of these pendant.

These pendant goes well with the theme of this blog.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Sep 28, 2011

Its the middle of the week and time to count our blessings again! Happiness is:
1. Being safe and warm from Typhoon Pedring.
2. No work for me so I was able to stay home with the kids.
3. Early time off for hubby too.
4. Teaching the kids how to play card games.
5. Free internet access for a half day, ha ha. Then it was secured again. Weh.
6. My sister-in-law's safe arrival in Singapore.
7. My nephew was diagnosed with Dengue but his platelet count went up at once and he was discharged from the hospital today.
8. My sister Kris for being responsible with my kids.
9. My waterproof shoes.
10. Learning to let go and loving my self more.

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Typhoon Ondoy 2 Years Ago

Sep 26, 2011

Two years after and yet, I cannot still forget the horrible feeling of helpless of being flooded that day. You can say that it was our fault that almost all of our things got wet, but we have never had the experience of being flooded and since we were thinking that the water would stop rising, it was too late at that time to transfer our belongings to our neighbor. Only the computer, tv and electric fans were immediately moved to higher ground and so clothes, books and bags were left submerged. Hay, I guess a lot of people have horror stories and I am just thankful that we did not lose any member of our family. My husband who has work on Saturdays did not make it home until very early morning on Sunday. When I saw him, I was just weak-kneed with relief. I just hope that Ondoy will forever remain as a reminder of what nature is capable of and we must learn our lesson never to underestimate it.

Cebu Pacific Piso Sale!

Sep 23, 2011

Planning a trip this Christmas or early next year? Then try your luck at Cebu Pacific's Sale Mula sa Piso!
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Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 21, 2011

It is the time of the week again to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. Making up with the hubby
2. His extra sweetness and thoughtfulness, he he
3. Our Zombadings movie date
4. Going home to Montalban after the date
5. Drexelle is Top 5 in his class and Danniel is Top 8! And Ishi is pretty, he he. Wooohoo!
6. My mom's 3 hearing tests are done and just waiting for medical evaluation schedule. She is not getting dizzy lately too!
7. My Ate Dianne's food and okra.
8. Binalot and Hyphys lunch with friends
9. An evening walk with the hubby
10. Being able to support the family without needing to go abroad. It breaks my heart to see families having to make this sacrifice and I am thankful that we are still able to avoid it. I hope that my husband and I really would never need to leave our kids to work abroad. I pray that families who are not together remains connected and that their sacrifice bears fruit for their kid's future and their family's happiness.

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I Love Cebu!

Sep 20, 2011

I usually make a travelogue of our family travels and they I have it printed and framed. I already have our trip to Bohol, Baguio and Boracay hanged on our wall at the Montalban house.
It is not easy to choose from more than a thousand photos, I tell you, but these are just some of my favorites of our Cebu photos. We really enjoy traveling together and I hope we can do this again next year.

Color Game at the Perya!

Sep 19, 2011


A Philippine fiesta is never complete without a perya. A perya is like a circus, where there are lots of booths for games, food and other kinds of entertainment. When we went to San Roque, Malinao near the town of Kalibo for a wedding, we were lucky that it was also the eve of the town fiesta. There was the perya, the talent show and the disco organized by the townsfolk which we eagerly watched and participated. Our favorite game was this color game.
You bet from one peso to fifty pesos and if your color or number wins, you get as much as eleven pesos for every peso. We won some money that night, enough to pay for our airport terminal fee and breakfast, ha ha.
So, do you have any Fiesta stories?

How to Apply for a Hearing Aid at PCSO: Part 1

Sep 15, 2011

My mother is only 57 years old but she is turning deaf in both ears. This was after she had large doses of antibiotics because of a large lump under her ear. Since then, her hearing has deteriorated. I already brought her a hearing aid for one ear but she frequently complains of difficulty in hearing even when wearing that but since we have no more budget. So we thought applying for a free hearing aid from PCSO and this will chronicle our journey towards that goal.

Step 1. Look up the requirements at the PCSO website:
Request for Hearing Aid
* Letter of request addressed to the Hon. Chairman and/or General Manager
* Original copy of Audiological Evaluation Report duly signed by Audiometrist
* One or two price quotations from any hearing aid centers
* Photocopy of identification card with latest picture of the requesting person with his/her signature
Step 2. Go to the PCSO office to lodge the request.
Fund Allocation Department (FAD) and clinic at the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) in Quezon City.
Step 3. Submit the documents and wait for your name to be called.
My sister had to come back for this step because the first time she went there at 1pm, the guard said she should come the next day even as early as 4am. So she went there today at 6am. She submitted the documents and when she was called, she was told that a medical evaluation from a doctor at UST was still required and to return the documents again after September 30.

Step 4. Comply with other requirements.
I called the office of the doctor from UST and the secretary said that instead of one audiological report and quotation, we should get 2 more before she can schedule us with the doctor. So she gave me two more hearing aid centers and we will go there on Saturday.

I will post about our next step in this project and I hope that some of you will learn from this too.
Update: All other posts and updated regarding the hearing aid can be found here.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Sep 14, 2011

Last week has been hell but despite all of it, there are still lots of reasons to be happy. Happiness is:
1. My kids for being everything and more that a mom can ask for/
2. Friends for words of wisdom and encouragement, most especially to Blanda, Ria and Ehms for keeping me sane.
3. My sister Dianne for her love and support
4. My mom and sister Kris for always being there to support me.
5. Drexelle for being such a sweet and understanding kid.
6. Tequila for the courage.
7. The 3lbs that I lost, ha ha!
8. My new Dickies wrist watch.
9. The office gym for letting me pass the time more productively.
10. Ehms's birthday and get together with friends.

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Shamcey Supsup Miss Universe 2011 Q&A Portion

Sep 13, 2011

via Sassy Lawyer

A Life Long Journey

Sep 12, 2011


This is a wonderful image of my friend Vangie and her husband Rio, saying their lifelong vows to start their life together!
Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Sep 7, 2011

Things have not been fine as of late but that is no excuse not to count my blessings! While major things and events are taking place that may or may not be serious at all, I still have these reasons to be happy:
1. My husband is out of the hospital and hopefully out of danger too
2. My mom and sister for stepping up to my responsibilities while I was looking after my husband at the hospital
3. Health benefit for hospitalization!!!
4. Great friends and office mates who are always a call and text away and are always there for moral, emotional and even financial support!
5. My sisters-in-law who was there when we needed her most.
6. SSS salary loan, ha ha ha!
7. Free wifi connection at the hospital so I need not report for work at all.
8. Very understanding and supportive bosses.
9. Hugs and kisses from the kids
10. Señor Sto. Niño for hearing my prayers.

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Cebu Itinerary, Day 3, Mactan Island Day Tour-Part 1

Sep 6, 2011

This is a continuation of my posts about our recent family travel to Cebu. This post is about our Day Tour to Mactan Island, particularly our family swimming at EGI Resort and Hotel. I was hoping to get us to Tambuli West and another resort but the day tour rates for adult and kids are the same, unlike in EGI. We paid around P350 per adult and P250 was consumable for our lunch. We get big discounts for the kids who only paid P50 if I remember correctly. The food was great, if a little pricey and since we were all hungry from swimming, we spent more for our food.

How to get to EGI: From Sampaguita Suites in Fuente Osmena Circle, ride a taxi to Mactan Island and prepare to spend P300-P350 per way.

No need to make a reservations at EGI because we just showed up. Unfortunately, if we had more time and budget, I would not choose to go to this hotel. It was obvious that it has seen better days and is now just plain surviving from Koreans here for a longish stay, instead of the usual 3D2N guests. There were 2 pools and one of them was this big one with the slide but when we got there, there were lots of leaves in the pool and either they were not cleaning it regularly or we were just too early and they havent clean it yet. It think its the former though. The only other guests in the hotel that we can see are Koreans who were going diving and plenty of kids doing their English lessons by the beach and by the hotel lobby. But the one thing that I admire about this place is the willingness of the staff to make our day tour comfortable. Five men immediately snapped to attention to assemble a tent for us because it was raining and the ladies from the restaurant gave us ample time and suggestions on the food. The beach itself was nothing special and it was even horrible during low tide but we were not really beach people so we were not so disappointed. The day tour was a success not because the place was beautiful but because we were there to enjoy ourselves and we did!

Next part of this post would our visit at the Mactan Shrine and where to buy souvenir items while in Cebu.

Goodbye August, Hello September!

Sep 1, 2011

I am happy to say goodbye to August and welcome September with open arms! September marks the beginning of the Christmas season in the Philippines and the season always reminds us of the most important things in life! And these are family, friends, health and love. August made me realize all of these! We went to Cebu for a family trip and we made happy memories! I attended a wedding of a friend and was reminded that there is always somebody special for each one of us! I said my prayers at every new church I visited and I have faith that they will be granted! My husband was rushed to the hospital for his heart and I am reminded that health is indeed wealth. Despite all of these wonderful memories and challenges of August, I am ready to move on with complete faith and hope that September will bring better things for me and my loved ones. My husband will get better, our finances will improve and my family will be always blessed! I am truly thankful to all my family and friends who are helping us through this rough time and while I can never repay their kindness, I always thank them through my prayers. And that makes September special for me because I feel as blessed as a Christmas morning because of all these!


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