Cebu Itinerary, Day 3, Mactan Island Day Tour-Part 1

Sep 6, 2011

This is a continuation of my posts about our recent family travel to Cebu. This post is about our Day Tour to Mactan Island, particularly our family swimming at EGI Resort and Hotel. I was hoping to get us to Tambuli West and another resort but the day tour rates for adult and kids are the same, unlike in EGI. We paid around P350 per adult and P250 was consumable for our lunch. We get big discounts for the kids who only paid P50 if I remember correctly. The food was great, if a little pricey and since we were all hungry from swimming, we spent more for our food.

How to get to EGI: From Sampaguita Suites in Fuente Osmena Circle, ride a taxi to Mactan Island and prepare to spend P300-P350 per way.

No need to make a reservations at EGI because we just showed up. Unfortunately, if we had more time and budget, I would not choose to go to this hotel. It was obvious that it has seen better days and is now just plain surviving from Koreans here for a longish stay, instead of the usual 3D2N guests. There were 2 pools and one of them was this big one with the slide but when we got there, there were lots of leaves in the pool and either they were not cleaning it regularly or we were just too early and they havent clean it yet. It think its the former though. The only other guests in the hotel that we can see are Koreans who were going diving and plenty of kids doing their English lessons by the beach and by the hotel lobby. But the one thing that I admire about this place is the willingness of the staff to make our day tour comfortable. Five men immediately snapped to attention to assemble a tent for us because it was raining and the ladies from the restaurant gave us ample time and suggestions on the food. The beach itself was nothing special and it was even horrible during low tide but we were not really beach people so we were not so disappointed. The day tour was a success not because the place was beautiful but because we were there to enjoy ourselves and we did!

Next part of this post would our visit at the Mactan Shrine and where to buy souvenir items while in Cebu.

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  • Unknown
    September 08, 2011  

    Greetings from Jamaica. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Interesting posts and beautiful pictures here. I wish your husband a speedy recovery and all the best to you and your family.

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