Goodbye August, Hello September!

Sep 1, 2011

I am happy to say goodbye to August and welcome September with open arms! September marks the beginning of the Christmas season in the Philippines and the season always reminds us of the most important things in life! And these are family, friends, health and love. August made me realize all of these! We went to Cebu for a family trip and we made happy memories! I attended a wedding of a friend and was reminded that there is always somebody special for each one of us! I said my prayers at every new church I visited and I have faith that they will be granted! My husband was rushed to the hospital for his heart and I am reminded that health is indeed wealth. Despite all of these wonderful memories and challenges of August, I am ready to move on with complete faith and hope that September will bring better things for me and my loved ones. My husband will get better, our finances will improve and my family will be always blessed! I am truly thankful to all my family and friends who are helping us through this rough time and while I can never repay their kindness, I always thank them through my prayers. And that makes September special for me because I feel as blessed as a Christmas morning because of all these!

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  • Eddie Garcia
    September 10, 2011  

    I too welcome September but for a different reason. It is very hot and humid in Georgia and I welcome the cooler weather and hopefully for our pesty little gnats to go away. Sounds as though you have your priorities in order. I am curious as to what you celebrate at Christmas. Is it the same as in the US? Tks for this post!

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