Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Sep 7, 2011

Things have not been fine as of late but that is no excuse not to count my blessings! While major things and events are taking place that may or may not be serious at all, I still have these reasons to be happy:
1. My husband is out of the hospital and hopefully out of danger too
2. My mom and sister for stepping up to my responsibilities while I was looking after my husband at the hospital
3. Health benefit for hospitalization!!!
4. Great friends and office mates who are always a call and text away and are always there for moral, emotional and even financial support!
5. My sisters-in-law who was there when we needed her most.
6. SSS salary loan, ha ha ha!
7. Free wifi connection at the hospital so I need not report for work at all.
8. Very understanding and supportive bosses.
9. Hugs and kisses from the kids
10. Señor Sto. Niño for hearing my prayers.

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