I want this for Christmas #2

Oct 3, 2011

I love reading. But I read several books at the same time depending on my mood and so I have books lying around everywhere in various stages of reading! And I have books in the office and at home so when a certain mood strikes me, there are instances when the book I want to read is at home while I am on break at the office or at the office when I am at home! So to satisfy my reading hunger and the need for ease in carrying them with me all the time, I want a Kindle or a Samsung Galaxy Tab for Christmas! It doesnt have to be the latest model or the latest in the market as long as I can load books and read them! My mini laptop is now with my sister so the books that I would otherwise have with me are with her, hence this wish list, ha ha! And to my Santa Claus, it doesnt have to ruin your budget or make you poor if you will read this great site: dealfun.com reviews. You can bid for these items starting now and buy these amazing items for much lesser price! I wonder if my husband will take the hint or if I should just bid for them myself and ask him for the money instead, ha ha!

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