Mommy Moments: Mommy's Unforgettable Stories

Oct 21, 2011

mommy moments
My life as a mother has lots of unforgettable stories but there is one story that precede all of it and that is our love story. We married young, maybe a year after this picture was taken. He was 19 and I was 20 when we got married and I was already pregnant with our eldest child. And it was a difficult time. I was barely out of college, was just starting work and he was still in school and has no job nor prospects. And it was hard. I tell my kids over and over again to enjoy their life before settling down because it was really not a walk in the park. But never, in almost 14 years of marriage did we think of quitting on each other or in this family. And I think that it is all that matters. Now that the kids are in school and we have steady jobs and mortgage and all that comes with raising a young family, we are still together and going strong. There are trials, no doubt about it, and there are even painful moments but we are still together and loving each other. And with this love for each other, we are able to nurture our kids and this family.
Our story is far from over and but I would like to think that we are almost over the difficult parts. And I am not afraid to make more life stories with my husband by my side. and I know that each one of them will be filled with love.

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  • Tetcha
    October 21, 2011  

    I love your story, Mommy! You married young, but you're still together and the relationship is going strong! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  • Divine
    October 21, 2011  

    Lovely and inspiring story, mommy Dinah! God bless you and your family!

  • Chris
    October 22, 2011  

    what a beautiful love story! :D nowadays, reading a story such as yours can be an encouragement to every couple out there. definitely worth sharing to others! thanks for giving us the privilege to know you more :)

  • Icar
    October 23, 2011  

    another love story, I love reading love stories, they keep on inspiring me to love and give love...

    happy MM!

  • MommyLES
    October 23, 2011  

    It is very rare na mgkasama pa rin ung mga nag asawa ng maaga. I salute you for braving all the storms brought by young marriage. Hope you can visit my entry too:

  • Rcel
    October 25, 2011  

    Aww very touching love story! I love it! Nakaka-inspire talaga. I hope the kids will be able to mirror the experiences you've gone through. Your strength combined is surely one of the best that they can look up to. :)

    Visiting late for MM! Hope you don't mind. :)


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