Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Oct 12, 2011

Happiness is:
1. The super fun family day at Star City last Saturday, with free ride- all-you-can tickets and P100 Star Cash.
2. Being with my whole family on this fun day: my husband and 3 kids, my sister Dianne and her husband and 2 kids, my sister Kris and my mom.
3. Surviving the Viking ride. But I wont do it again even if you pay me, ha ha.
4. Hotdog, pizza and popcorn!
5. Learning to drive our motorcycle.
6. And a patient husband who does not complain about it! (Okay he does complain but only sparingly, hi hi)
7. Lunch of camote, cheeseburger and peach mango pie, the latter items courtesy of the very sweet and very pretty, Ms. Mara.
8. Friends like Blanda, Cathy, Vangie, Jeff and Karen and my sister Dianne for the ever abundant food supplies and fun stories!
9. Bunny for the free wifi access, he he.
10. Watching Shawshank Redemption again and always finding the story very good, all the time!

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