How to Make Latik

Nov 14, 2011

This is a follow up to the post, How To Make Suman (Sumang Dapa) because Latik and suman makes a perfect combination. And if you drink Kapeng Barako while eating this, you will be in heaven! This latik is different from the latik you see as toppings on top of bibingka, which is only coconut milk cooked over low fire. This latik is made up of grated coconut and brown sugar, cooked over low fire and stirred non-stop until dry. The procedure can be seen on the photos below (click for larger image).

And if you are wondering why I do not have a picture of the suman and the latik together, its because we always finish it even before I manage to run for my camera. Anyway, just take may word for it that this latik is way better than the other kind which is like coconut caramel. Enjoy!

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