How to Make Suman (Sumang Dapa)

Nov 11, 2011

In Batangas, it is common practice to cook suman during Undas or All Souls Day. And since we were going home for a visit, my sister's mother-in-law decided to prepare some suman which she knows the kids absolutely love. We call this suman, sumang dapa and this is how you make it.

For this batch, Nanay Meding used 3 salop na malagkit (one salap is approximately 2.3 kilos) and 6 coconuts, grated and milked. The procedure on how to make this is illustrated here for you.

It was a very fun and educational experience for me because this was the first time that I was able to do it and document the process too! We very much love sumang dapa and even though I dont think I can do this in the city where we live because of the process involve, it is good to know that I can do it if I want to!

Next post would be How to Make Latik, that dressing which goes well with the sumang dapa!

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