My Not so Exquisite Xquizite Spa Experience

Nov 21, 2011

I availed of this one-hour massage package from Xquizite Spa being offered at Metrodeal for an amazing deal of P125 only from the original P250 price. It was so cheap I bought two vouchers which I intended to give to my husband. When we get there, there was a therapist lying on the sofa at the reception area. This did not bode well for the kind of service that they will provide but I wasn't really expecting much from such a cheap deal. I only reserved a slot for my husband but I asked if I can use the other voucher for myself. They refused at first and when I said its okay, they said that they can accommodate me. My first impression of the spa was that it was too dark. The aircon unit was directly above the signage at the reception area. And then when we were going up to the massage room, it felt like we were actors from a D-movie going up to some sleazy motel room. I am not so sure but I think they were using incandescent bulbs. The rest room looks okay but there was no toilet paper and no sink and no mirror. Then we were ushered into this room separated by a curtain and then we were asked to undress. They have no robe and there was only this threadbare towel. When I was asked to lie down on this pillow, I just couldn't put my face on it. I took a picture below just in case you cant figure out why!The pillow was thread bare and it was so old the filling was spilling out already! I put my jacket over the pillow so I can put down my face. Thankfully, the massage itself was okay, thanks to my therapist Theresa. She didn't ask me how I wanted it so the massage was hard at first but when I told her to keep it a little light, it was okay from beginning till the end. Unfortunately, there was no music in the spa and you can hear the sounds of jeepneys and other vehicles plying Shaw Blvd! You really can't enjoy the massage because you can't relax while hearing all those sounds! Another thing, the therapists didnt appear to have lockers of their own because Theresa brought her bag with her. At first I thought she was going home already!

So, my personal experience at Xquizite Spa was not that exquisite. And you can say that for the price of P125, I did get what I paid for: a cheap massage and nothing more. But again, that's just me. Maybe your experience will be a more enjoyable one.

Xquizite Spa:
493-B Shaw Blvd, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City
(Near Cherry Foodarama, in-front of Mercury Drug)
Tel No. 425-3551

13 comments: to “ My Not so Exquisite Xquizite Spa Experience

  • Anonymous
    November 26, 2011  

    If your looking for a relaxing spa & massage experience this is NOT the place.Palabas lang nila un spa services pero THE REAL thing is they do offer extra services.This place is for Gays.

  • Anonymous
    February 03, 2012  

    I had 2 vouchers bought from metrodeal din pero di kami tumuloy ng friend ko just check out the exquisite site then you will find out why!!!

  • Anonymous
    February 04, 2012  

    The spa is quite good ooopppsss on the contrary not all the masseur in xquizite spa offers extra service. Some masseurs are professionals.

  • lenie nocidad
    April 08, 2012  

    i also bought vouchers from metrodeal and tried the massage in exquizite spa in shaw blvd, this is not the the first time we have a massage so we expect something that we experienced from other spa, unfortunately, we were really disappointed for even trying their massage services, it's cheap for P125 but the experience was the worst we ever had,the spa is too dark, we arrived there 30mins before our scheduled time, we were told to wait in the lobby, when we were finally asked to go up, we were shocked to see that the massage rooms are upstairs and really look like a motel room, we were then led to a room with 2 lousy beds separated by a curtain, they do not provide robes instead we were given towels, there's no music in the spa and instead of being relaxed you will hear the noises outside, the staff keeps on talking to each other complaining about each other and their co-workers. This is the worst massage we ever had and we promised to ourselves never to return again here. We still have 3 vouchers left but we'd rather throw it away than to give it to our friends and receive the same worst experienced we had at this spa. Metrodeal should not promote this spa again. Exquizite Spa is the worst partner establishment they ever had.

  • Anonymous
    April 13, 2012  

    This is really true. The name is actually contradictory in reality. Some therapists are rude.

  • Anonymous
    April 22, 2012  

    I wish I checked the comments on this deal first before I bought 2 vouchers! The massage was supposed to be for 1 hour, but only got 30 minutes! I think Metrodeal should check their partner establishment first before they link with them. This deal definitely was a bummer!

  • Anonymous
    June 07, 2012  

    the place is very untidy!!! never try this place guys, it's so gross. they use dark colored bedsheets so you won't notice if it's been there all week, as my therapist told me. and since they offer extra services, can't imagine lying down on someone's semen! OMG this place!

  • Anonymous
    July 20, 2012  

    OMG. This place is the worst. Walang kwenta yung massage. The place is really filthy. I didn't know this place offered extra service and my friend was too mahiyain to walk out of the place. Your description of it like being in a D-movie going up to a sleazy motel room is so accurate! I didn't think they would be that blatant to put up this kind of establishment at the heart of Shaw Blvd! I would expect this at red light districts, but not at Shaw. That's why even if I already had reservations at first from the name Xquizite, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and went inside! Wrong move!

  • Anonymous
    August 14, 2012  

    lenie akin nalang voucher mo... email me at

  • Anonymous
    December 22, 2012  

    hay naku tama kayo dyan,,,,nakakadiri yang spa n 22o ma extra service alam na alm yan ng may ari, dun kze sya kumikita eh.yung mga therapist nya hinahayaan lang nya sa yung spa na yun kaya hindi maraid may pulis cla na binabayaran nila...grabe na yun diba....???

  • Unknown
    July 21, 2013  

    Grabe, we went there just a while ago while hunting for a spa place. Since my hubby and I thought that Ahavia spa would be jampacked since it is weekend, we decided to give this spa a try. It was ok from the outside, but when we got inside, they seems surprised to see a woman as a guest! Place was creepy! Magstart na sana yun massage, but makati at mabaho tlga yung towel, so we've decided to dress up and go down to get our money back, and guess what? Nakaready n yung pera na binayad nmin, as if they were already expecting us to cancel the service. Anyway, yes, this place is one of the worst, though funny experience na din sya for us

  • Anonymous
    October 24, 2013  

    Ang aarte nyo, ang kukuripot nyo naman! Kung gusto nyo ng maayos mag the spa kayo! Gusto nio mura napakataas ng expectation nyo. Nakakatawa kayo sarap nyo pitikin

  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2014  

    san pon toh banda,,,

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