Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Nov 2, 2011

"Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections."
Happiness is:
1. Going home to Batangas after three years for All Souls Day and visiting my father's grave.
2. A fun and exciting road trip, complete with food stop, trick or treat on the road and water stop to avoid over heating our van, ha ha!
3. A short visit to my tearful maternal lola who cant stop gushing over me and my sister and our husbands and the kids. We saw her earlier this year, but I guess she is just getting old.
4. A swatch watch, a corned beef, Jergens lotion and soap from my Tita Tess, whose engineer husband was home from a vacation. Loot galore!
5. Learning how to make suman and eating all you can too, he he. Will post pictures and how-to soon!
6. Being serenaded by "mga nangangaluluwa." No, we were not being haunted! It is a common custom in Batangas during the Halloween season. More like Christmas carolers during Halloween.
7. Seeing some cousins after a long time and catching up on life and happenings.
8. A buffet lunch from an 85th birthday party celebration. Nothing beats a Batangas celebration!
9. Eating and gaining 8 lbs!
10. A new personal goal to lose that 8 lbs before the end of the month and hopefully rewarding myself with hair rebond if I do! Good luck to me!

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