Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Nov 9, 2011

If you want to be happy, be!

And these are the reasons why:
1. Karen's birthday lunch and Cathy's simple merienda shower.
2. Jheff and Blanda's pasalubong from Naga: puto seko and pili nuts!
3. Angelo's birthday celebration, Ate Melen and Kuya Hal's support and love via webcam and the elder kid's showing their responsibility and maturity.
4. Seeing how a simple pabitin, musical chairs and paluan ng palayok can make a birthday party a hit!
5. Emi's delicious carbonara. Yummy and a sure hit!
6. A killer migraine but loving caregivers aka hubby and kids.
7. Paypal money from a forgotten paid post! Yes, more groupon money for me!
8. Wifi at home at a minimal cost only.
9. 12 days to pay out of more paypal money.
10. Almost good news from the hearing aid front.

Remember, happiness is a choice so despite difficulties, always choose to be happy! God will always provide.

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