Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package: A review, Part 1

Dec 16, 2011

I got for myself 5 vouchers from CashCash Pinoy for their deal: "Only P 250 instead of P1,800 for an Intense Pulse Light (IPL)! + Whitening Package at Eslendre! Choose from upper lip, beard, underarm, and bikini line!" and here is actually my review of my first and second visit. So that none of you will expect much, there is really no whitening part to this deal and it was just IPL. The whitening of your underarm will just be a result of the IPL treatment. With that out of the way, let me tell you how the procedure was for my underarm IPL:

Before an IPL:
1. Do not shave or pluck and just let the hair grow normally.

During an IPL:
1. If you are wearing a deodorant, the therapist will wipe it off.
2. If the hair growth is long, she will cut if off.
3. She will apply a generous amount of ultrasound gel to the underarm.
4. You will be asked to wear an eye protector.
5. She will zap the area with the machine below and will repeat the procedure for both underarm.There was a slight pain when she zaps the hair, like being hit with a rubber band. Then the therapist will wipe off the gel and you are good to go. The procedure took less than 15 minutes.

After an IPL:(I was given a paper with the following instructions)

1. Refrain from plucking and waxing during treatment regimen.
2. Refrain from using any products that contains AHA and any exfoliation products from 12 weeks.
3. Avoid aggressive scrubbing, use of exfoliants, scrub brushes and loofa sponges after your treatment. You could cause permanent damage like scarring, hyper-hypo pigmentation and possibly infection.
4. Use hydrating moisturizes as often as needed.
5. You may also use cool packs for any swelling or inflammation.
6. No sun exposure for two weeks before or 72 hours post treatment using SPF 45 at minimum during treatment regimen.

I will write on a separate post my comments about Eslendre and its facilities and the therapists later.

Update: Part 2 of the Eslendre Review.

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