My Kids Are Reading!

Dec 3, 2011

My kids are reading! I bribed them a treat of fried chicken at KFC for every book they finish. Is that bad? Well, it started when my youngest wanted me to practice spelling with her and I thought that she should read my Harry Potter books to improve he vocabulary. I would read a page and she would read another. And I told her that when she gets to finish this book, we will eat out, at KFC, just the two of us! And then my eldest got bad grades in Math and I told him he is banned from playing computer games and he must read the Twilight books. To soften the punishment, I told him that we will eat out at KFC after he read the first book. So far, they have the books on their hands most of today.
And then Danniel, who recently had his PSP repaired and is not under any punishment because he became Top 4 from Top 8 this grading period and who was allowed to use it during weekends has started reading on his own without any prompting from me! And my sister who is now reading Ricky Lee's Amapola for a class requirement has competition in the form of my mom who would pick up the book every time my sister puts it down. Wow, everybody, except my husband is reading in our house! I just hope that they keep at it and starts to enjoy it too. Wooohoooo!

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