Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 7, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! Let's count our blessings with both hands! Happiness is:
1. My son Danniel's first communion. He looked so angelic and very solemn during the mass.
2. My mother finally got her hearing aid. It was a grant from PCSO.
3. One Christmas party down, a lot more to go.
4. Diet is officially suspended during the holidays.
5. The fun we had making our mask for the party.
6. The lechon last night at the party and the Elarz lechon from Pakyaw.
7. Free ice cream from Vangie because she won cash from the raffle last night.
8. Snickers chocolate from Ms Ria. And I ate only half. The other half is for emergency use only, ha ha.
9. Slowly but surely paying off loans, thanks to the 13th month pay.
10. First Christmas gift from a client.

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