YakiMIX is Love!

Dec 9, 2011

The best things in life are free and buffet food. And if the free buffet lunch is at YakiMIX, then it is love!
Three of our bosses treated us out to lunch at YakiMIX at the Podium yesterday and it was the best of the Christmas treats so far! Their lunch buffets opens at 11am to 230 and when we called to reserve a table for 6, they were already full but we can just walk in. Fortunately, we were at YakiMIX at 1145 and were seated promptly. Below is the buffet area set-up. I love the hanging chandeliers and wanted to bring it home, haha. The decor was very tasteful and the ambiance was great. While there grills at the table, it was really smokeless and we didn't smell of food when we got out. Our first stop was at the sushi area. There were lots to choose from and I got one of each. I cant decide which one is my favorite though.I also had greens from the salad bar and topped it with the white sauce (I forgot what its called).
So this was plate number one for me. On this first plate, I love the brocolli and the salad and the sushi and the siomai or can I just say everything? Ha ha! I am a no-left over kind of person you know?So, after a while, we stood up for our second plate and here it was for me and again, I finished them all except for the tonkatsu but only because it was breaded and I was too full already.After that second plate, we opted to get some desserts first. There were lots of choices for dessert: cake, pastries, ice cream and more cake and more pastries and more ice cream, ha ha! I got two scoops of Selecta ice crem and topped it with lots of chocolate. I then repeated this step several times, ha ha. After dessert, we were already too full and sleepy. But we haven't tried to grill anything yet.So we just got two slices of beef and some pork, squid and shrimp and we were good. By this time, nothing can tempt to eat even one more slice, ha ha.
So was it good? Yes it was not only because it was free but because I know the food and they were really good and I enjoy the company of the people I was with. The food at Seven Corners was way better because of the variety but the price was 3x more too so I guess for the price of P500, it was very much worth it. Will I eat at YakiMIX again? Yes, as soon as I have the budget. Will I recommend it to my friends? Definitely! We are actually planning to go there again next week!

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