Lucky Charms for the Chinese New Year!

Jan 23, 2012

We were in Quaipo last Saturday to buy new eye glasses for my son and my self and we saw so many lucky charms for the Chinese New Year being sold on the street. The ones below were for sale under the Hidalgo underpass, for P120 each. Since I only had enough budget for the glasses, I restrained myself from buying. I wasnt sure what to buy any way.
But when I saw these lucky charms on display, I just had to buy it! I was boen under the fire dragon sign, and I new these coins were for prosperity so I know I can never go wrong with them. And for only P20, I felt I was already lucky!

So they now hang inside our house, just one step from the door. I hope it will bring us luck, prosperity and financial success this year, coupled with our hard work! Happy Chinese Lunar Year to all of you!

P1 Just for Fun for Every Juan!

Jan 20, 2012

Cebu Pacific's Piso Fare is back! And sale started at 0001H last night and available until seats last! Travel period is from June 1-December 15, 2012 so you still have lots of time to save for the trip! So what are you waiting for, book now and enjoy! Remember, its more fun in the Philippines!

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club: A Great Way to Start the Year!

Jan 19, 2012

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I believe that there no is no greater wealth than the good health of my family. I know that making sure that their health is properly taken care of is my responsibility and I take that seriously.  Unfortunately, we are not rich and money is sometimes an issue, especially when you are raising three kids and paying mortgage and living expenses. 

But a wise mother is always on the look out for great ways to make things work for the best of the ones she love and discovering Walgreens Prescription Savings Club  was a great way for me to start the year!  Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is offering an annual membership on a special discount at only $10!  This covers membership for the whole family, including your spouse, dependents and even pets! And since I have a hypertensive husband and hypertension also runs in my family, I will surely enjoy the benefits of the prescription club.  My kids are all young and they need flu shots and other vaccines and I know that I will get lots of savings from the club too! Other benefits are great savings on branded medicines and generic medicines which are actually needed by my husband and even discounts on flu shots or pet prescriptions!  If you are single, you can also be a member for only $5! 

So check out  Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook to know more about this great deal and their other offerings!  I am sure it will bring great benefits and savings to you and your family!  And that is something to really make the year great!

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Wednesday Happy Thoughts

This is obviously a late post, having to count my Wednesday Happy Thoughts on a Thursday, but hey, saying thanks knows no day, right? So happiness is:

1. Adelle and her music
2. My husband for making good on his promise to be better
3. Living from paycheck to paycheck, ha ha. That is indeed something to be thankful for because other people do not have jobs!
4. Hugs and kisses from the kids!
5. Smell of coffee. Yes, I do not have a sense of smell most of the time but there are moments that I have and I just love the smell of coffee!
6. Leveling up on my daily run, from 5K to 8K! Hope I can sustain it!
7. The Sto. Niño procession
8. 3 writing opps, written and approved!
9. Chippy and cup noodles
10. My happy thoughts notebook. Yep, I started one this month and I am writing down every single happy thought that I have during the day!

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LP 185: Malungkot

Bakit ka malungkot? Dahil ba tapos na ang isang maikling bakasyon sa magandang isla sa Batangas at ikaw ay pauwi na muli sa magulong mundo ng Maynila? At balik trabaho, balik problema at balik sa katotohanan na ang tagal muli bago makanakaw ng bakasyon?
Teka, kelan nga natin uulitin to?

The Spa Philosophy Review: It Sucks!

Jan 17, 2012

I bought 2 vouchers at Metrodeal for the 60-minutes full body massage at The Spa Philosophy in D. Tuazon at only P110 instead of the regular price of P220 and I consider it the worst deal of my life! As required, I made a reservation for myself and my husband at 8pm last night and was there promptly 15 minutes before. And I even called at 6pm to re-confirm my reservation. And then we waited for an hour before finally it was our turn. I was bothered that they offered everybody else hot tea, while they just made us wait there! I didn't call their attention to it, as I can see that those other walk-in clients were not Metrodeal voucher holders so I just assumed that we were second-class citizens or something. But they can clearly see that we were waiting so even if Metrodeal voucher-holders were not supposed to get tea, it was common decency to offer us water or something. When I handed my metrodeal voucher, the girl at the reception said 'metrodeal na naman' but I didn't think much about it initially. Only when everybody else was getting hot drinks, even those who waited for 5 minutes and then left were given tea did I made that realization. After 45 minutes of waiting, I asked the guy at the reception if it will take long and he said 'sandali na lang po.' One client who came after us was whisked away upstairs even before us and by the way he was talking to the therapist, he looks like a regular. A therapist doing foot spa on a client said, 'oo nga, kanina pa sila.' By this time, I would have walked out, if not for my husband who really wanted a massage since December. And I was telling him I was already pissed off and he was busy on his phone because of the free wifi (the only saving grace in this whole fiasco) so I just lie down on the couch! Finally, at 9m, we were asked to go up. We were led to this dark room and the therapist just left us there. She didn't even turn on a light or told us to change already. So I went out and ask if we should change already or something. So we changed in the dark and then WAITED AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 20 MINUTES! We were almost naked, save for undies and the shorts they provided and some towels and we again waited! And you know why? 'NAUBUSAN PO KASI NG OIL KAYA BUMILI PA!' It was really a test case for my patience that when the therapist came in and started the massage, I just resigned myself to the fact that NEVER AGAIN WILL I VISIT NOR RECOMMEND THE SPA PHILOSOPHY! And how was the massage? The massage at Xquizite Spa was wayyyyyy better! As I write this post, my shoulders are still aching, as if I just finished doing a huge mountain of laundry! A good massage must make you feel good after, and not come out of it feeling as though you have been on a fight! Oh, and they did offer us hot tea after the massage but I was already hungry and pissed off at this time and so I declined. My husband was complaining that 'kulang ang oil' and 'super bitin yung massage.' And if you think that I am saying just it because I was made to wait that long, then go ahead and go to The Spa Philosophy. Don't tell me you haven't been warned! Oh, and this is not my first time to avail of the service at The Spa Philosophy. I also bought vouchers from Ensogo for their underarm treatment and I was also made to wait for 30 minutes on both occasions, even when I had reservations too, but I didn't mind it then because the staff apologized for the delay and the service was good. I know that I probably get what I paid for but I didn't expect that you get half the service for paying half the price! Some might say that nobody made us wait and it was our decision to wait but the vouchers have been paid for and non-refundable and we were there already and I don't think I would come back again anyway after that 30 minutes and so we decided to just stick around. And what for? A crappy massage! If they were expecting a number of clients and then walk in clients take priority, then why sell more than a thousand of those massage and make people who made paid in advance and made prior reservations wait?

So again, the service at The Spa Philosophy sucks and I will not go there again even if they pay me! You have been warned! And yes, I did not leave any tip because you only tip for good service and service at the The Spa Philosophy sucks!

Feast Day of the Sto. Niño

Jan 16, 2012

We bought this Sto. Niño when we went to Cebu last August and seeing that it was the Feast Day of the Sto. Niño last Sunday, out family opted to attend the 3pm mass and join the procession.The procession in our parish was joined by 3 adjoining barangays: Santol, Sto. Niño and Imelda. We were not aware that it was supposed to be color-coded but we joined the procession anyway. People in yellow were from barangay Santol, those in red were from Sto. Niño, and those in green were from Imelda.
The procession was fun, lively and disorganized and we loved it! There were Ati-Atihan dancers from Barangay Santol and despite a map of the procession, and the marshals, we went the wrong way! Good thing we were able to join the procession after one street :)
The Ati-Atihan dancers made the procession more fun and we were all dancing with our Sto. Niño's to the beat of the drums. There were also a lot of Sto. Niño on the procession but these two caught my attention:The Sto. Niño dressed as a native and this Barbie below. I am not sure if this a Sto. Niño or what, but a little girl was waving it around.
And this is my family with our Sto. Niño de Cebu. I hope that we can make this into a yearly devotion. My kids enjoyed the procession and were asking me questions about the feast day.
The procession took more than two hours but we left feeling happy and satisfied for having join in the celebration of the Feast Day of the Sto. Niño!

Cebu Itinerary, Day 3, Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Jan 13, 2012

This is a continuation of my Cebu post when we visited last August. Arrival was day 1, spent at Robinsons Cebu, Fuente Osmeña Circle and Larsian, while day 2 was spent touring the city sites. For day 3 of our trip, we went to Mactan Island and went swimming at EGI Resort in the morning. On the way back to Cebu city, we passed by Lapu-Lapu shrine.
The shrine is a 20-meter bronze statue erected to honor Lapu-lapu for his defeat of Magellan during the Battle of Mactan in 1521. A shrine was also erected here to mark the place where Ferdinand Magellan died. There was also this marker by the National Historical Institute that reads:
Lapu Lapu
"Here on 27 April 1521, Lapu Lapu and his men repulsed the Spanish invaders, killing their leader Ferdinand Magellan thus Lapu Lapu became the first Filipino to have repelled European aggression."
At the back is the marker for Ferdinand Magellan's death and it reads:
Ferdinand Magellan's Death
"On this spot Ferdinand Magellan died on April 27, 1521 wounded in an encounter with the soldiers of Lapu Lapu, Chief of Mactan Islands. One of Magellan's ships, The Victoria, under the command of Juan Sebastian Elcano, sailed from Cebu on May 1, 1521 and anchored at San Lucar de Barrameda on September 6, 1522 thus completing the first circumnavigation of the earth."

This place below is said to be actual place where the fighting happened. The water is low during our visit so we can very clearly see the formation of the boat as a re-enactment.
There are also various backdrops great for picture taking. I dont know the relevance of this to Lapu-Lapu though.
The Mactan shrine is also a great place for souvenir shopping!

Sand Castles. Its More Fun In The Philippines

Jan 11, 2012

Jumpshots. Its More Fun In The Philippines

Jan 10, 2012

Jumpshots. Its More Fun In The Philippines!Made from

I'd Rather Be Happy Than Rich!

Jan 9, 2012

This is what makes me the richest person in the whole world: my family. While we may not have much, we have enough and we have each other. I just wish that my husband and I can continue to provide for the needs of our family, especially their education, without having to make the ultimate sacrifice of working abroad and being away from each other. For now, we continue to be thankful that we, as a family, is blessed with the gift of being together! And we treasure these moments every time! Just see how much we have :)

Pinaputok na Tilapia

Jan 4, 2012

One of my goals for this coming year is to try my hand at cooking again. My mother reigns in our kitchen and she really cooks great so I do not have to lift a finger to make the meal for the family. But from time to time, I ask my husband what he would like to eat and he would ask for a dish that I wish I can cook. For New Year's media noche, he requested steamed fish but I was too lazy to set up a steamer so I made this Pinaputok na Tilapia instead. (click for larger image)

The ingredients are in the picture above. Not in the picture are oil or butter and kalamansi. The ingredients are same with any grilled bangus, plus onion leaves and tanglad. Brush the fish lightly with oil or butter on both sides and a little kalamansi or lemon. Then put the filling inside. Lay it on foil wrapper and sprinkle with onion leaves and some sliced ginger. You can choose to put some tanglad beside the fish or inside(if you wont be putting tomatoes and onions). Then make sure to seal the foil completely and grill over medium fire.
The heat inside the foil must not escape and it will cook and steam the fish inside. No need to turn the fish to the other side as it will cook already from the steam. Cook for 15-20 minutes an serve hot. You can choose to have a dipping sauce of soy sauce and kalamansi. Enjoy!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Today is the first Wednesday of the year and I want to make this post extra special. I will make 2012 a happy year for me and my family and these are my thoughts! I will count my blessings more! Happiness is:

1. I love you's with my husband.
2. Our New Year at Circle of Fun
3. For blog earnings and contest winnings
4. Hugs and kisses from my kids.
5. My mom not getting 'hilo' lately, yey!
6. Losing weight (he he)
7. Less drama, more love! Yes, I am talking about me.
8. Updated blogs and more paid opps!
9. FB updates from friends and loved ones
10. Knowing that this year is going to be great just because I will make it great!

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Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package: A Review, Part 2

Jan 3, 2012

On a previous post, I told how I got 5 vouchers to Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package and described how the IPL procedures goes. I also said that the deal was misleading because the package does include any whitening treatment at all. As explained to me by the therapist, the whitening aspect is a side effect of the IPL treatment. So with that out of the way, I will tell you the things I like and didn't like about Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center.
What I Like about Eslendre:
1. The place looks very well maintained and very clean. The all-white color of the center makes the place looks elegant.2. The ladies at the reception desk are very accommodating. Since I called to schedule an appointment, I just gave them my voucher and I was treated right away. I can see that their scheduling was very organized. This was true during my first, second and third visit.3. The waiting area, with its white couch and LCD TV was a hit with my husband who was just getting comfortable watching a movie when I was done with my treatment.4. The treatment room with the machine was very well-lit and the bed and wrap-around was clean.5. My therapist, Cyril, explained to me the procedure in detail and was kind enough to answer all my questions about the treatment.
6. During the treatment, I was warned about how the ultrasound gel was cold and how the zap was going to sting a little bit. I was asked to wear a mask as protection for my eyes during the treatment. The therapist Cyril, is very professional and personable during all my visits. She asks me all the time how the treatment was and if I am satisfied or notice any improvement at all.
7. There are also fliers at the reception area for additional treatments should one be interested.

I really like Eslendre because I feel that I am getting a full service and not just a discounted service for the discounted price that I paid for the treatments. When I compared my IPL treatment with other girls from my office who availed from another clinic, they were surprised to hear that I get some 12, 7 and 7 zaps on each underarm during my first, second and third visits. The most that they get was 6 zaps on the first treatment. And according to my mom, my underarm is lightening already so I guess its true that the whitening part is a side effect of the IPL.

Anyway, I cant think of anything that I dont like about Eslendre because as I said, the place is clean and the people very professional. I just wish they would offer more deals in the future so that I can afford more of their services! I may blog about my 4th and 5th session with them should I have additional comments but if I don't, you can just count me as one happy customer!

Born on the Year of the Dragon

Jan 2, 2012

I was born on the year of the dragon and this year is going to be my year! I will this year to be fantastic and fabulous! I will this year to be filled with blessings and abundance! I will this year to be filled with love, understanding and compassion. I will this year to be my best year ever! Its all about your personal will and making things happen!

So here is yours truly, ready to slay those who stand on my path to greater success and prosperity!
These pictures were taken beside the Sea Dragon ride at the QC Memorial Circle yesterday, January 1. I am ready to start the year right!


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