Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 29, 2012

Its the time of the week again to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. The hair rebond (from the cash gift from my bosses).
2. Planning our Mt. Pinatubo trip.
3. Daily run of 5km or more!
4. Shawarma from my sister.
5. Watching One Day on my laptop.
6. Being named Ninang to my office mate's daughter.
7. Discovering that my apad has an Ireader!
8. Reading The Girl who played with fire.
9. My Magiting at Maarugang Ina award from my eldest son.
10. My two kids, Ishi and Danniel for being achievers.

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Sundot Kulangot

Feb 28, 2012

A friend was in Baguio over the weekend for the Panagbenga Festival and she brought us home some Sundot Kulangot! These are sweet and sticky candy or coco jam inside a small shell, of which you have to break and poke (sundot) to eat. Oh and kulangot is booger or snot in English. Gross I know, but hey, they were good!
I can understand the Filipino penchant for naming food in this weird way because it makes it unforgettable, ha ha. But who in their right mind would eat booger, right?
So when in Baguio, do check out these weird and unique Filipino delicacy!

Burgoo Lunch Treat

Feb 27, 2012

One of our bosses had her birthday last February 14 and dateless that we all were, Ms Terry invited us for lunch at Burgoo. It was a fun celebration because we enjoyed the food and each others company. But we sorely missed one of our friends, Karen.
Anyway, the food was great as always. We had some appetizers, which we were not able to take photos of. But the best dishes that we all loved were this Seafood Jambalaya and the Shrimp and Ribs platter. I was already full with the onion rings, potato wedges and fries which I loved with the blue cheese dip but I cant help myself with this jambalaya (which I thought was paella and frankly, I don't know the difference!).

And this platter of ribs and shrimp actually stayed in front of me for the rest of the meal because the other side of the table has its platter. I was in heaven, ha ha.
I love it, and I honestly forget my diet all of a sudden! It is not everyday that we get to eat at Burgoo for free and with a great company of friends too! Thanks and happy birthday again, Ms Terry! We thoroughly enjoy the food and the laughter!

Ten Things I Have to Stop Doing

Feb 26, 2012

I saw on Twitter today that #TenThingsPeopleShouldStopDoing is trending and I decided to write down a list of my own, so here goes:

1. Stop complaining about my weight and actually do something about it. Yes, I go to the gym daily for a 5-8km run but I think I have to do a more.

2. Stop eating too much. After a meal, I look for sweets and chips so I end up eating unhealthy and way too much. Really must stop.

3. Stop spending on unnecessary things. I want to be debt free this year, but I cant seem to stop myself from checking groupons everyday so I end up buying things that I don't absolutely need. Must stop, really.

4. Stop thinking about getting back to school and do something about it. It is always on my do to list, but I cant seem to get to it.

5. Stop dreaming of going abroad for a trip when I can go and visit more beautiful places in my country. Really.

6. Stop thinking I can do everything and then be frustrated most of the times. Must really learn to delegate, and sometime, say no.

7. Stop telling people how they should be. I do that sometimes, even if I don't mean to. I can be meddlesome sometimes.

8. Stop thinking that there is always something behind a good deed. Must stop being so cynical and see the best in people.

9. Stop thinking about what people think about me. That is their problem, not mine. Must stop being bothered all the time.

10. Stop procrastinating and seize the moment! Lost opportunities remains lost forever.

These are just some things that have to stop in my life. How about you?

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 22, 2012

Count your blessings, its Wednesday! Happiness is:
1. Great taste white coffee.
2. My Philips Go Gear Aria and egg speaker.
3. The Girl who Played with Fire book. Loving it!
4. The view from our office window.
5. The wonderful massage at De Stress Express spa.
6. The spa date with my friends next month.
7. The great rebond deal. Ahem.
8. The blog earnings!
9. Mom's barbecue!
10. For my kid's good health.

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Its A Tuesday and I Love it!

Feb 21, 2012

I normally write my happy thoughts every Wednesday but its only Tuesday and yet I have lots of things to be thankful for! I am happy because I have a job and cool bosses and my workplace is just awesome! The office chairs have wheels (there is a funny story behind it and I will tell you about it sometime) and my computer works great! I have great friends and co-workers whom I like and respect. We have a gym at work where I can run my daily 5k and it has a sauna room too! Now, what else can ask for in a place of work?

At the home front, the kids are doing great and not sick anymore. My eldest son, whose eyes were puffy just the other day and whom I was afraid would have sore eyes is better now. My youngest kid is doing well in school and I think nobody is bullying her anymore. My mom is well and not sickly anymore and my sister does well in school.

They say that when you count your blessings, you end up loving everything around you. While my life is not perfect and I cannot always give what my kids need, I know that we have a better life compared to other people.

So its only Tuesday, but I am loving my life!

Its War!

I know! But my clothes do not fit as nicely as before and I feel so heavy and sluggish. So I am starting a food diary again starting today. And I am doing this for myself, for my health and not just to fit a certain image. I guess I have to step up my exercise and cut back on my intake. If only its easy :(

Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!

Nuffnang is turning 5 years old! And you are invited to the party!

When: February 27, 2012
Time: 8 PM – 12 MN
Where: Borough, The Podium Mall, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Dress code: BLUE!

Thank You, Eslendre!

Feb 20, 2012

I write about my personal experiences on this blog or on the other. When I bought an underarm whitening services and I liked it, I wrote about it. When I bought a massage that I loved and or about one that turned out crappy, or worse than crappy, I wrote about it. When I bought play vouchers for my kids and they loved it, I wrote about it too. I bought and paid for those services and I have a right to write about how I felt about it. I have never been to a place, hoping to get preferential treatment, just so I can write good reviews about it. That is not how I do it.

So when I wrote about how I felt about Eslendre's treatment, and how I really think that I did get my money's worth and more, I was just writing about my personal experience. Can you imagine my surprise when during my last visit, my 5th voucher, they were thankful for my review and gave me a free Diamond tome treatment? I was touched, really. First, that they read my blog, and that they were grateful too! Anyway, I just want to shout it out again, to the wonderful people at Eslendre that I love your service and I am going to be one loyal costumer (if my budget should permit it, ha ha)! Thanks Eslendre!

Butterfly Artworks at Burgoo

Last February 14, we had lunch at Burgoo in Robinsons Galleria. One of the things that captured our attention were these butterfly artworks on the wall beside our table. It looks like guests were given coloring materials and a butterfly table liner and were encouraged to color while waiting for their food.
They were beautiful and I guess these pretty ones are the best because they made it to the wall.
We tried doodling but I only came up with this!
I guess I need a pattern, ha ha ha!

Best Friends, Forever!

Feb 16, 2012

My friends and I have this group called Derte' which stands for our names, Dinah, Ehms, Rona, Tess and Emilie. We have been friends since our first year in college. Over the years, Rona, Ehms and I see each other regularly because we just live and work here. Emilie works on a call center and has an erratic schedule so we only see her a handful over the last 15 years. May, on the other hand worked as a crew in a cruise ship and have gone on to marry her crew mate and now live in India. She was here for the Christmas vacation, which though unfortunately was extended because she and her son got sick, it paved the way for a reunion. And 15 years after this photo was taken in Nayong Filipino, Derte' meet again!
We first meet up at Gateway in Cubao and then went to Eastwood to meet with Emilie later. And as it is with friends, it was as if we just saw each other last weekend! Immediately after a hi and hello, Emilie was whipping out her kikay kit and retouching my makeup, like what she normally does for me in college!
And Ehms and May and Rona where gossiping like crazy, and people watching and catching up with each other! There was no rhyme nor reason to the conversation but in just a while, we have caught up with each others lives! I think that really what being friends mean: being apart, but still together and never being a stranger. I love these guys and they are like sisters to me and I know that distance will never be a problem between us!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 15, 2012

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.
Happiness is:
1. Drexelle is finally home from the hospital.
2. Vangie for all her help.
3. My bosses and office friends, for their continuous support and prayers for my family.
4. For my mom and sister, for taking care of the house and kids while I was in the hospital with Drex.
5. My husband for being a source of strength.
6. Free lunch at Burgoo for Ms Terry's birthday.
7. Pizza treat from Ms Gina
8. Gaining weight but knowing that every calorie was worth it.
9. My lone white rose from my husband. Its the cutest ever!
10. For knowing that I am loved by those whom I love most!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Or Happy Tuesday!

Feb 14, 2012

Today is Valentine's Day or for single, lonely people, its Tuesday. So Happy Valentine's or Happy Tuesday! Either way, have a fine day everyone!
Mine was just okay, almost Valentine's but quite a Tuesday, if you know what I mean. Ha ha ha!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 9, 2012

Everyday can be good or bad, depending on your attitude! So I will count my reasons for happiness and make it a great day! Happiness is:
1. Drexelle is still sick but its not Dengue. Hay.
2. Joan for her help with the blood tests.
3. Blanda for her prayers and financial support.
4. Vangie for always being ready to help, kahit di ka pa humihingi ng tulong!
5. My Ate Dianne, for being a veru dependable ate.
6. For my husband for finding ways to make everything work.
7. My bosses, on their concern for the well being of my kids.
8. For my sister and my mom for being always there.
9. For a great reunion with my friends, Ehms, Rona, May and Emilie.
10. For being able to be thankful despite all these trials. Which means I have more reason to be thankful than to be sad.

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35 and Loving It!

Feb 7, 2012

I am 35 years old and loving it! My friends from the office surprised me with a simple feast, knowing that I had no more money for a birthday treat. My daughter was hospitalized for Dengue fever for 6 days and my eldest son had to be rushed to the ER. Funds were really low and at the bottom of my expense list was a feast for my birthday. But my friends are indeed great friends and the pansit, cake and spaghetti really tasted very good, more so because it was such a heartfelt treat! I love how I grow not just in years, but in the love of my friends! I am blessed because they love me and I know it!
The small bunch of people who made my day extra special.
Not in the photo are Weng- my kumare who now works abroad, and Luz and Tinn, and Bunny.
35 is just a number and I know that my life's journey has only just begun. There are old problems but new challenges and some disappointments but more reason to be happy and look forward to more great years to come! Thank you to all my friends who prayed for my kids, and for the love that they showed me all these years!

My Journey Begins: KM 1

Feb 2, 2012

Yesterday was my 35th birthday and I marked it specially by standing here at the KM 1 marker of the Philippines. My goal is to go somewhere farthest away from here and so my journey to this goal begins today!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

This is a late post, but nevertheless I just want to count the things that made me happy this week. Happiness is:

1. Ishi is finally out of the hospital after the week-long bout with dengue.
2. Drexelle was not confined after the severe allergy attack.
3. Danniel is fine and going to school.
4. Vangie for all her help. For everything.
5. My sister Dianne and her good friend Mishi for all their support.
6. My friends Blanda, Cathy, Jheff and all of my office mates for their prayers for Ishi's health.
7. My mom, mom in law, sister, sister in law for their calls, visits and well wishes for my daughter.
8. For the doctors and nurses at Lourdes Hospital for their professionalism and empathy.
9. For my husband and my other kids for their presence and love.
10. For everybody who supported my family during this time.

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