Best Friends, Forever!

Feb 16, 2012

My friends and I have this group called Derte' which stands for our names, Dinah, Ehms, Rona, Tess and Emilie. We have been friends since our first year in college. Over the years, Rona, Ehms and I see each other regularly because we just live and work here. Emilie works on a call center and has an erratic schedule so we only see her a handful over the last 15 years. May, on the other hand worked as a crew in a cruise ship and have gone on to marry her crew mate and now live in India. She was here for the Christmas vacation, which though unfortunately was extended because she and her son got sick, it paved the way for a reunion. And 15 years after this photo was taken in Nayong Filipino, Derte' meet again!
We first meet up at Gateway in Cubao and then went to Eastwood to meet with Emilie later. And as it is with friends, it was as if we just saw each other last weekend! Immediately after a hi and hello, Emilie was whipping out her kikay kit and retouching my makeup, like what she normally does for me in college!
And Ehms and May and Rona where gossiping like crazy, and people watching and catching up with each other! There was no rhyme nor reason to the conversation but in just a while, we have caught up with each others lives! I think that really what being friends mean: being apart, but still together and never being a stranger. I love these guys and they are like sisters to me and I know that distance will never be a problem between us!

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