Its A Tuesday and I Love it!

Feb 21, 2012

I normally write my happy thoughts every Wednesday but its only Tuesday and yet I have lots of things to be thankful for! I am happy because I have a job and cool bosses and my workplace is just awesome! The office chairs have wheels (there is a funny story behind it and I will tell you about it sometime) and my computer works great! I have great friends and co-workers whom I like and respect. We have a gym at work where I can run my daily 5k and it has a sauna room too! Now, what else can ask for in a place of work?

At the home front, the kids are doing great and not sick anymore. My eldest son, whose eyes were puffy just the other day and whom I was afraid would have sore eyes is better now. My youngest kid is doing well in school and I think nobody is bullying her anymore. My mom is well and not sickly anymore and my sister does well in school.

They say that when you count your blessings, you end up loving everything around you. While my life is not perfect and I cannot always give what my kids need, I know that we have a better life compared to other people.

So its only Tuesday, but I am loving my life!

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