Ten Things I Have to Stop Doing

Feb 26, 2012

I saw on Twitter today that #TenThingsPeopleShouldStopDoing is trending and I decided to write down a list of my own, so here goes:

1. Stop complaining about my weight and actually do something about it. Yes, I go to the gym daily for a 5-8km run but I think I have to do a more.

2. Stop eating too much. After a meal, I look for sweets and chips so I end up eating unhealthy and way too much. Really must stop.

3. Stop spending on unnecessary things. I want to be debt free this year, but I cant seem to stop myself from checking groupons everyday so I end up buying things that I don't absolutely need. Must stop, really.

4. Stop thinking about getting back to school and do something about it. It is always on my do to list, but I cant seem to get to it.

5. Stop dreaming of going abroad for a trip when I can go and visit more beautiful places in my country. Really.

6. Stop thinking I can do everything and then be frustrated most of the times. Must really learn to delegate, and sometime, say no.

7. Stop telling people how they should be. I do that sometimes, even if I don't mean to. I can be meddlesome sometimes.

8. Stop thinking that there is always something behind a good deed. Must stop being so cynical and see the best in people.

9. Stop thinking about what people think about me. That is their problem, not mine. Must stop being bothered all the time.

10. Stop procrastinating and seize the moment! Lost opportunities remains lost forever.

These are just some things that have to stop in my life. How about you?

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