Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 2, 2012

This is a late post, but nevertheless I just want to count the things that made me happy this week. Happiness is:

1. Ishi is finally out of the hospital after the week-long bout with dengue.
2. Drexelle was not confined after the severe allergy attack.
3. Danniel is fine and going to school.
4. Vangie for all her help. For everything.
5. My sister Dianne and her good friend Mishi for all their support.
6. My friends Blanda, Cathy, Jheff and all of my office mates for their prayers for Ishi's health.
7. My mom, mom in law, sister, sister in law for their calls, visits and well wishes for my daughter.
8. For the doctors and nurses at Lourdes Hospital for their professionalism and empathy.
9. For my husband and my other kids for their presence and love.
10. For everybody who supported my family during this time.

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