Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Mar 28, 2012

Happy Wednesday! Today is the last Wednesday for March and April is just around the corner! And then, it will be Christmas already! Yehey! Happiness is:
1. Having conquered Mt. Pinatubo and living to the tell the tale.
2. Getting my first payslip after my promotion.
3. Our wonderful massage last night.
4. Planning our Sagada-Banaue thing. Emphasis on planning, ha ha.
5. Kids on vacation already. Inggit ako.
6. Losing pounds slowly but surely.
7. Having my nose checked and being on medication. Thankfully, no surgery on the horizon!
8. The coming long weekend!
9. My finance training this Friday.
10. Being able to do things that I really want like traveling. Thank God for these me times!

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I Conquered Mt. Pinatubo and More!

Mar 26, 2012

Last Saturday, together with my husband and 13 other friends, I conquered Mt. Pinatubo and more! Our journey to the volcano crater was exciting. We started off with a 2am pick-up in Ortigas, a stop over at McDonald's Panay for food and registration and we were off to Tarlac. We were there at 5am and we had our breakfast. At 6am, we were already on the 4x4 for the 1.5 hour ride to the base camp. It was a bumpy ride to say the least and I had my eyes closed on the more dangerous (for me!) parts of the ride. But I can feel that my husband would have traded places with our driver in an instant! By 730, we were about to start the trek. Every 4x4 has 5 passengers and a tour guide was assigned to each group. Our tour guide also served as a porter and he carried the bag of one person from our group. He also volunteered to carry my lunch. It was a fun 2.5 hour trek, complete with photo stops and food stops. We met some overnight campers from the military and they gamely posed for pictures with us! We were so excited and were not daunted by the long walk. We were in such high spirits! We passed by streams and rocks and sands and we were awed by the beauty of the place. But we still cant imagine the devastation that the Mt Pinatubo eruption must have caused.

After a while, the scenery turned into lush greenery! And we know we were near the summit!
And of course, there were more stops along the way for photo ops!
After reaching the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake, we couldn't help but exclaim at its beauty! What a wonderful sight to behold after that long journey. We were awed at the magnificence of its beauty. And we had to check out the other side of the lake so we rented a boat at P350 per person.
And it was a beautiful as we imagined! There were pockets of boiling water in the sand. We wished we brought some eggs with us!
But while the weather was perfect on our way to the crater, it was a different story altogether on the way back. It rained very hard and we had no choice but to heed our tour guides warning to stop frequently as they take stock of the situation.After much difficulty in crossing some streams which are now rising into raging waters, they made the choice for us to climb the mountain and use the ''sky way.'' At this point, I have to commend everybody from the Sta. Juliana Tour Guide and Porters, especially our own guide Mark, because they all did a great job. They were with us every step of the way and some even carrying heavy bags while showing us the safest way to go. So what was earlier a 2.5 hour trek turned into a 4-hour mountaineering adventure! We trekked up a mountain of rocks and sand and walked endlessly amidst tall grass, oblivious to our wet and sad state. We were dead tired by this time and only the promise that the base camp is near, and rest is near, fueled our feet. I had to pull out my camera from my wet bag, inside a zip lock to take a photo from where we were. I didn't know then that this is exactly where we had to go down. Yes, we climbed down from this side of the mountain!
It was a steep mountain and we had to step on rocks and slide down on the sand and hold on to grass to keep from falling. I don't know how we did it, or maybe we were not thinking clearly anymore because we were dead tired from 4 hours of walking, but we managed to climb safely down that mountain.So I conquered Mt. Pinatubo and more! I witness the beauty of the volcano crater and survived the return trek too! I didn't know that I had it in me to still find humor in our dangerous situation but because I was with my husband and friends whom I would trust my life with me, I knew that we would make it! But after this, I wouldn't go to Mt. Pinatubo even if you pay me! And I warned my younger sister and kids to never try this! Maybe if the weather was better and we did not experience such danger, then I would recommend it to other people. But after that, I would say : TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Our day tour was arranged by Trip Pinas and despite the difficulty that we had, we felt that they did a great job. The weather is really something that nobody can control and had we not encountered the heavy rains, out trip would have been perfect. So if you still want to try this out after reading my personal experience, you may get in touch with Trip Pinas.

Happy 14th Birthday, Drex!

Mar 25, 2012

My first born turns 14 today and I feel a mixture of joy and apprehension. Joy, because he has been such a blessing all these years from day one and apprehension, because my baby is almost a man. He is now in that time of his life when he is slowly turning into the man that he will become. And like most mothers, I fear that I have not equipped him well enough to face all new challenges in his life.
To my dear son, may you always remember to make decisions that will not cause you or me any harm or pain. May you enjoy life to the fullest, but remember to be responsible about it too. May you love your siblings unconditionally and put their welfare above all. May you grow into your full potential and be the best that you can be!
We may not always be able to give you what you want, but we are doing everything to give you all the things that are important. Like love, time, laughter and joy.
May our family be enough so that you become a complete person. May you not be wanting for the more important things in life like love and affection. May you always remember that we are doing everything that we can to give you a better life and all I ask in return is for you to have a better life than we were able to give you.Happy birthday my dear son. I love you more than my own life. May my love and guidance be enough be make you a better man!

Our Ace Water Spa Pasig Experience

Mar 23, 2012

We went to Ace Water Spa in Pasig last Saturday because our company tied up with Bert Lozada Swimming School and Ace Water Spa for 4 hours of free swimming lessons. It was our first time to visit this place and since I really wanted to get swimming lessons for my kids, I immediately signed up. Our free access was limited only to the lap pool but we were given 10% discount for the spa. Unfortunately, this was not in my budget so we just enjoyed ourselves with the lessons and we had a great time. My kids didn't want to leave and were eager for more lessons but another session was starting so we had to make way for them already. We actually had two lessons, basic and survival swimming and I learned a lot! I can see my kids were also learning and so I promised that we will all take swimming lessons some time.
My daughter is pointing at where she learning to swim earlier. Below is lap pool and on the right side is the spa. Remember to use fitted swimwear to experience the spa fully.
Before going to Ace Water Spa, we attended a dedication where I was a sponsor so we already had a very filling lunch. And when we saw this sign below for their Eat-All-You-Can Promo, I had to take a picture for future reference! Its already a steal!
So our first Ace Water Spa visit was fun, educational and memorable but super bitin! I wish I had some extra money that day so my kids could have enjoyed the spa aside from the free swimming lessons! I hope to be back here sometime too!

Ace Water Spa Pasig
United St., cor. Brixton St.
near Pioneer, Pasig City
Tel No. 451.1111

Bejewelled Spa: A Girl's Perfect Night Out!

Mar 20, 2012

Working moms like us deserve to be pampered and getting a spa treatment is the best way to do it! Thanks to Metrodeal, I and my dear friends Rona and Ehms had a girl's night out at Bejewelled Spa, and it was perfect! For only P599, we got ourselves ready for a hair spa, full body scrub and a one-hour massage. We were there at the appointed time of 7pm and what followed was 3 and a half hour of fun. We were first ushered into the changing room where we were given locker keys, robes, slippers and disposable panties. After changing, we went to the massage room and our hair were applied with hair spa. Then we were scrubbed with sea salt all over our body. Then we showered and came back again for a relaxing one hour massage. Pampered and scrubbed clean and we were so relaxed and happy that we vowed to do it again. Of course, what made our spa date fun was because we were with friends and because Bejewelled Spa was okay. Here are the reasons why I like this spa:
1. When I couldn't get through their land lines to schedule our appointment, I sent an email and response was immediate. When I called to ask for directions on how to find the spa, the girl at the line was very kind and accommodating.2. The reception area was clean and nice and the girl was very helpful.
3. After checking our vouchers, we were ushered to this nice changing room. There were clean robes and slippers and enough lockers for our stuff.
4. There were 2 showers with hot water and soap dispenser. No shampoo, but we didn't need it anyway because we just had a hair spa.
5. The massage room had clean linen and nice-smelling pillows. It was also perfect for a group spa date like ours because there were 3 adjacent beds. So we were laughing and telling stories while the therapists worked on us. They were really very professional and tried to put us at ease. Even if it was my first time to be scrubbed all over, I didn't feel apprehensive because they were really good.
So, what didn't I like about our Bejewelled Spa experience? Nothing! It was a perfect spa date with my girl friends and we couldn't wait to be back! See the happy me?
Bejewelled Spa
88 Goldpark Center, Meralco Av., Cor J.Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig
near Metrowalk and Home Depo
Tel No.: 622-2198
Schedule: 11am-11pm

I Won Premiere Tickets To Hunger Games!

Mar 16, 2012

Thanks to the generosity of these supporters, I am now one very happy blogger! I won 2 tickets to the screening of Hunger Games on March 23 at Shangri-La!
And my sister Kris is coming with me!

The odds were really in our favor! Super excited to watch this on March 23!

LP 193: Lalaki

Mar 15, 2012

Ang mga lalaki sa buhay ko, ang tanging pangarap ay maging sikat na basketball player, hindi sundalo or engineer ha, basketball player! Ang asawa ko, malabo ng matupad ang pangarap na iyon. Paano ba nama, kulang sa tangkad! E sa talagang hindi naman lahi ng malalaki e kaya anong magagawa natin. Pero ang panganay kong anak, aba e mukhang may kaunting pag-asa. Sa edad na 13, mataas na siya sa kanyang ama!Pero yun nga lang, hindi pa rin yata sapat. E hanggang leeg lamang siya ng mamang eto e! (Teka, halata ba na hindi ako mahilig sa basketball kaya hindi ko kilala ang mga narine sa litrato, ha ha ha!)
Hay anak, sana nga ay madagdagan pa ang iyong laki at ng matupad ang iyong pangarap. Matulog ka lang sa oras at kumain ng sapat, lalaki ka pa!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Mar 14, 2012

Happiness is:
1. Cooking for my kids and then seeing their enjoyment and appreciation.
2. School vacation starts tomorrow!
3. Hunger games is going to be shown next week.
4. My coming Kindle. Shhhh.
5. Losing 2 lbs. Ahem, walang kokontra.
6. Visiting our Montalban home and making new plans again.
7. My coming finance training. I am scared and exited at the same time!
8. Ginisang pechay with tokwa.
9. Nilagang kamote.
10. My husband for his support on my exercise regimen and for helping me stay on track with the diet.

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Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang!

Mar 12, 2012

My ideal Nuffnang summer is spending it under the sun without having to worry about sun burn and unsightly hair! Summer is the best time of the year in the Philippines where a beach is just a short trip away. And with the kids on vacation, a beach outing is definitely on our must do list. And if I don't have to worry about my kids being burned by their long stay under the sun, then summer is really a lot more fun! Good thing there is this great sunscreen, "Banana Boat Sun Screen Lotion. We've got your covered!" And if I can shave my legs so I can show them with confidence, then summer has turned a lot hotter too! I can surely say, "Shick. Free Your Skin!"

Dont forget too that there is one more thing to look forward to this summer and that is the showing of The Hunger Games! Schick Razors, Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion and Nuffnang Philippines bring you “The Hunger Games” on March 23, 2012 at Shangri-La Cineplex!Hope I win those tickets so I can my sister a great summer too! She has been checking out the movie trailer and is soooooo excited already!

LP 192: Babae

Mar 9, 2012

Kasama ko sa larawang ito ang mga pinaka-importanteng babae sa buhay ko. Ang aking ina (Mila), na nagbigay buhay sa akin at sa hanggang ngayon ay patuloy na nagsisikap at tumutulong sa pagtataguyod ng aking sariling pamilya. Nandito rin ang panganay kong ate, Si Ate Dianne, na nagbibigay sa akin ng mabuting ehemplo at mga mainam na mga payo sa tuwing kailangan ko ito. Isa siyang mabait, maunawain at mapagbigay na kapatid at sana, sa kanyang mga mata, ako ay isang mabuting kapatid din. Ang aking bunsong kapatid na si Kris, na tunay na nagmamalasakit sa aking pamilya at nagpapakita ng buong pusong pagmamahal at pag-aaruga sa aking mga anak ay narito rin. Nakikita ko sa kanyang pagsisikap ang aking sarili nuong ako ay nag-aaral pa. At lagi kong ipinagdarasal ang kanyang tagumpay sa buhay.
Sila ang mga babae sa aking buhay na nagbibigay sa aking ng lakas ng loob at inspirasyon. Wala nga lamang sa larawan, pero mga babaeng sadyang aking ipinagbunyi ay kabilang ang ang ina ng aking asawa(Caring), sa kanyang patuloy na paggabay sa aming mag-asawa. Gayundin ang aking hipag(Melen), dahil sa kanyang lakas ng loob at sakripisyo para mangibang bansa at magtrabaho upang mabigyan ng magandang buhay ang kayang pamilya at mga anak. Katangi-tangi din ang mga asawa ng kapatid ng aking asawa(Emi at Rhian, maging si Tinay) dahil sa kanilang pag-aaruga sa kanilang mga pamilya. At hindi mahuhuli ang aking mga babaeng kaibigan: si Rona at Ehms, Blanda, Vangie, Cathy, Karen, May, Bunny, Mel, Mye, Sansan, Emily, Jean at marami pang iba dahil sila ay aking mga ehemplo at araw-araw na tanda ng kakayahan ng isang babae upang maging isang mabuting asawa, anak, ina at kaibigan! Hindi ma-aarok ninoman ang hangganan ng kakayahan ng isang babae na magmahal at magbigay ng kanyang puso at buhay sa mga taong mahalaga sa kanya!

Atin atin na lang ito ha, pero sadyang naniniwala akong mas malakas ang mga babae kesa sa mga lalaki.

Maligayang Buwan ng Kababaihan sa inyong lahat!

Hair Rebond Package at Golden Star Spa and Salon

Mar 8, 2012

I availed of the Metrodeal package of hair rebond with treatment, foot spa, manicure and pedicure for only P849 at Golden Star Spa and Salon. It was actually a very good deal because of the price, but the salon was located at Ortigas extension and I am from Quezon City. So I scheduled my treatment on a weekday, and rode the company service and was there before my appointment at 8pm. I was done by 11pm. So how was it?
This was my hair Before the treatment:
And this was the After look:
The happy and pretty client!
The package includes a foot spa:
and manicure.
So, here are my thoughts about the salon and the service:
1. The salon staff Monch whom I talked to for my reservation was very helpful and accommodating. Before and after I purchased my voucher, he was easy to talk to and my scheduling went very smoothly.
2. The salon was not that easy to find because the signage was not very visible.
3. The salon looks okay, but the rest room was another matter. It wasn't well maintained.4. Other staff were just loitering around but maybe because I was only customer at the salon. But they were talking and joking around loudly. I found out they were going to a bar after work. Maybe they were just excited? Ha ha.
5. My stylist China, was okay. He was very focused on what he was doing and was nice to answer my questions and even took my before and after photo.
6. The girl who did my nails and gave me the spa was also okay but there were moments when she was not looking at my nails, but rather on the TV or her co-workers. She also left for a while after doing one hand and came back smelling like she went for a cigarette break.
7. They also offer massage services and one client came out very satisfied and even gave huge tips. But my husband, who love massages did not appear interested in trying it out. I don't know why.
8. I was given a keratin treatment, instead of hot oil which my friend Rona had. I don't know if it was because it was already late, or they were going on a gimmick, or that China just liked me. Well, I am not complaining!
9. A couple of men, who appeared to be drunk went in and asked for a massage. The receptionist wisely told the men that they were already closed and that she would put them on schedule and could come back the following day. The men left, but our motorcycle suffered their wrath. It was pushed to the ground and no one saw it.

So, would I come back at Golden Star Spa and Salon? Well, no unless they offer another cheap treat like this one. Will I recommend the salon to my friends? Yes, if they will avail of the rebond package and if they live nearby and do not have their own vehicle.


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