Hair Rebond Package at Golden Star Spa and Salon

Mar 8, 2012

I availed of the Metrodeal package of hair rebond with treatment, foot spa, manicure and pedicure for only P849 at Golden Star Spa and Salon. It was actually a very good deal because of the price, but the salon was located at Ortigas extension and I am from Quezon City. So I scheduled my treatment on a weekday, and rode the company service and was there before my appointment at 8pm. I was done by 11pm. So how was it?
This was my hair Before the treatment:
And this was the After look:
The happy and pretty client!
The package includes a foot spa:
and manicure.
So, here are my thoughts about the salon and the service:
1. The salon staff Monch whom I talked to for my reservation was very helpful and accommodating. Before and after I purchased my voucher, he was easy to talk to and my scheduling went very smoothly.
2. The salon was not that easy to find because the signage was not very visible.
3. The salon looks okay, but the rest room was another matter. It wasn't well maintained.4. Other staff were just loitering around but maybe because I was only customer at the salon. But they were talking and joking around loudly. I found out they were going to a bar after work. Maybe they were just excited? Ha ha.
5. My stylist China, was okay. He was very focused on what he was doing and was nice to answer my questions and even took my before and after photo.
6. The girl who did my nails and gave me the spa was also okay but there were moments when she was not looking at my nails, but rather on the TV or her co-workers. She also left for a while after doing one hand and came back smelling like she went for a cigarette break.
7. They also offer massage services and one client came out very satisfied and even gave huge tips. But my husband, who love massages did not appear interested in trying it out. I don't know why.
8. I was given a keratin treatment, instead of hot oil which my friend Rona had. I don't know if it was because it was already late, or they were going on a gimmick, or that China just liked me. Well, I am not complaining!
9. A couple of men, who appeared to be drunk went in and asked for a massage. The receptionist wisely told the men that they were already closed and that she would put them on schedule and could come back the following day. The men left, but our motorcycle suffered their wrath. It was pushed to the ground and no one saw it.

So, would I come back at Golden Star Spa and Salon? Well, no unless they offer another cheap treat like this one. Will I recommend the salon to my friends? Yes, if they will avail of the rebond package and if they live nearby and do not have their own vehicle.

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