Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 30, 2012

Happiness is Wednesday! I am counting my blessings and happiness is:

1. My husband for finding a new job so quick and he will start already on Friday. Yey!
2.  Free tickets to Snowhite, thanks to Nuffnang!
3. My new Blackberry Curve. But I am still trying to get used to it :)
4. It comes with unlimited Facebook and Twitter! Yes, more time wasters, ha ha.
5. My kids are finally enrolled and we can buy books already tomorrow. 
6. Divisoria time on Saturday!
7. Our Zumba session last night was fun, if I dont die first.  Ha ha!
8. Ria's pizza treat while watching the CJ trial yesterday. Yummy!
9. 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Wow, such eroticism!
10. Our office planning is almost finalized.

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Finding your own Fifty!

The girls at my office are currently reading 50 Shades of Grey.  If you are not aware of what the book is about, its currently making noise because it is considered Mommy porn because of the many erotic scenes between the major characters.  The scenes, by the way, are described in all its gory details, ha ha.  So anyway, back to the girls at my office, more than the sex scenes, one line that caught their attention was about finding their own Fifty.  (Fifty refers to Christian, because he said he was fucked up in 50 ways). Somebody who would make them experience "trembling knees, heart-in-my-mouth, butterflies in my belly, sleepless nights kind of guy.  Since I am already married, my sage advice was for them to visit free dating sites. They are pretty ladies, these girls in my office and they have suitors, but they still cant find that one love of their lives.  I think someone is really destined for each and every one and they might need to look just a little further.  Maybe their current style is not enough for them to meet new guys, so keeping an open mind, all in the spirit of fun, is one great idea!  They really might find their Fifty that way!

Something Wonderful

May 29, 2012

I am keeping my fingers crossed, and my prayers said, that something wonderful will happen today. My husband went to a job orientation at one of the companies he recently applied to, and I know, and I am claiming it, that this is the job that he wants and needs.  Universe, please conspire to give it to him!!!

Where To Next, Dinah?!

May 26, 2012

I am a budget traveler, who, most of the time, lacks budget.    And I just realize, that I get the itch to travel when I have the least budget for it.  Grrrr. I hate myself sometimes for being selfish and thinking of traveling when there are bills to be paid, kids to send to school and well, the list goes on.  But if I don't , then I wont be able to travel at all.  And like I always say, memories have no price.  So yeah, I travel even on a shoe string.

So well, I have a free round trip ticket for two to Kalibo and we were set to go to Boracay for my husband's birthday.  Unfortunately, he recently lost his job and is now busy looking for another one.  And so we cant decide whether to go or not to Boracay because he might be starting on a new job by then.  We still havent decided, but we are seriously thinking of just selling the tickets.  So, ang gulo ko pala. I will cancel a planned trip but I am listing down my future travels? He he, so? Blog ko to!

And so to the question,"Where to next, Dinah?!"  Well, November-December, I want to plan a Banawe-Sagada trip from where we bought our Pinatubo package.  Some girls from the office might join, as well as my BFF's Rona and Ehms.  And my BFF's want to do a North Loop: Laoag, Vigan, Pagudpud sometime after July.  And then I want to do a road trip to either Camiguin, Anawangin, Baler or Lake Pandin in San Pablo, Laguna. 

I fervently wish I can add at least one of these places to my been-to list and create happy memories!  Hay, kung talagang walang pera, lalakarin ko na lang, makarating lang, ha ha!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 24, 2012

Its a Thursday and day late for Wednesday Happy Thoughts but its not enough to stop me from counting this week's blessings! Happiness is:
1. Getting sick but getting all the love and care I need! 
2.  Going back to work only after two days of rest.
3. The kids are finally enrolled for this school year.  Yey, just school things left to buy
4. My husband for each and every interview he went to this week.  I am praying one of the best ones will call him soon and that it will be what he deserves.
5. Kalamansi juice with honey. Perfection.
6. Going back to work and seeing all these mangoes! Thanks girls!
7. My husband for driving me to and from work everyday even though he is tired from all those interviews. Love you!
8. Ishi for her hugs and kisses, Danniel for giving me my meds and Drex for making my bed, all of these while I was sick.  They really do love me!
9. My Inay for her delicious meals, umm extra delicious because they always are, ha ha, while I was sick. I especially love the Pork Nilaga I went home to after my visit to the doctor.
10.  And my sister Kris for the countless ways she show her love, and my sister Dianne for all her gentle reminders.

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Mom Forum

May 22, 2012

There are times when even us moms don't have an answer for everything.   And there are also moments when even our closest friends are unavailable for a quick chat and that occasional phone a friend question.  During these times that I cannot get hold of my trusted friends, I check out mom forum for that quick answer to my questions! Just the other day when I cant explain properly to my son why he cannot sleep over at a friend's house and he felt so bad, I felt so bad too that I wanted to see how other moms would handle this situation. And I felt so relieved when I read that my son will not hold a grudge against me over it and that I should think why I wont allow him.  If it was concern over his safety and he really wants a sleepover, maybe I can invite his friend over to stay.  Then I had to search the forum for reasons on why my eldest son suddenly turned moody and I was relieved to find out that most moms are having the same problem.  Being part of mom forum is like being part of a huge support group where you can ask your questions without fear of being labeled stupid or lacking in parenting skills.  I wish more moms can be part of this forum so that we can learn wisdom from each other.  There are also other topics like relationships between siblings and between husbands and wives.  There are also home making ideas, like gardening or scrap booking.  There are also sharing of recipes and a lot lot more.  So if you can get immediate hold of your friends and need an answer to your questions or just to allay some of your fears, visit mom forum now.  I learned a lot and you will too!

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

How does SkinWhite give you that beautiful blush white skin that your prince charming can’t resist? With SkinWhite, I became fairer and whiter! I have to admit, it was only when I turned 30 that I started taking care of my skin.  I started using moisturizers and lotions and also have tried a lot of derma services offered on various groupons.  But SkinWhite remains a favorite part of my daily beauty regimen and I use it everyday, morning and night! 

It has synchrowhite action that works in four ways all at the same time:
1. WHITENS the skin’s surface
2. REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
3. NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
4. PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

Not only does it makes my skin whiter, but gives me that healthy blush that my prince charming, aka my husband loves!  You should try it now to enjoy the benefits of being the fairest of them all!

You can check out Kim Chu's video on Synchrowhite Action here:  

To know more about SkinWhite products, check it out here:

You can also watch the Best Kilig BFF Story here:

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 16, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone and its time to think happy thoughts again!  Happiness is:
1. The Zumba class last night was fun, fun, fun!
2.  And not hurting all over after it was even more fun!
3. Our derma bonding tonight with BFF's Ehms and Rona at Eslendre.
4. Getting a little used to my new area.  Am always going back to my old cube, ha ha.  I hope this separation anxiety doesn't last long!
5. My cute mother's day card last Sunday. Super love it!
6. Our photos at Nido and Toblerone photobooths. Cuteeee!
7. My mom's new hair color! Hindi na striking yellow, but a subdued blond na :-)
8. Mani-pedi for me. A little pampering goes a long way!
9.  My nightly kisses from the kids, especially if I go to bed first, but they still kiss me.  It doesn't get any better than this!
10.  My hubby, for being strong despite the loss of his job.  And the faith that he will  find a new and better one soon!

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A Million Thanks Mom!

May 14, 2012

Last Sunday was Mother's day and we went to the mall to buy some stuff for the kids.  Actually, we just want to escape the repressing heat at home and spend some moments inside the mall with free air conditioning, ha ha.When we went to the grocery, there was a Nido photobooth for moms and kids and of course, we had to have our photos taken!
Above picture is with my two boys Drexelle and Danniel while the picture below is me with my mom and sister.
 And this is my favorite photo: me and my daughter Denise. Obviously, she loved this photo too!

I hope we win this photo contest so that we can see our faces in EDSA, ha ha.

A Happy Mom!

May 13, 2012

My mom, Mila and me
Look at what my mom and I woke up to this morning! My kids and my sister made this for us and I was really surprised when I woke to make breakfast to see this.  I love the message and most especially the effort.  The love that came with it is indeed priceless! I am indeed a happy mother! Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2012

Inay, Dianne, Kris & Dinah
Happy Mother's Day to the best moms know, my mother and my sister Dianne. And to my mother in law and sister's in law! 
I am better mother because of you! Mom's knows best talaga.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 9, 2012

Have a happy midweek everyone! Let us be happy we are alive and let us start counting our blessings!  Happiness is:

1. My new work assignment is exciting. I am eager to learn new things!
2. Though my husband lost his job, I would like to think of it as more of an opportunity for him to find a better one.  God will provide.
3. The white rose and the surprise visit from my kids at the office. Ha ha, their dad's idea of making up with me.
4. The 8th birthday of Ishi. My baby is still a baby. Forever, ha ha.
5.  The swimming party last Sunday for that.
6. The dance off and karaoke session with the kids.
7. Eating with friends during lunch now that the gym has closed. I didn't realize that I miss this!
8.  My friend Vangie, who is a  first time mom and was having difficulty with her pregnancy is now slightly better. Yehey!
9. Not gaining back the 5 lbs I have lost so far, ha ha. But this was a weigh-in before item no. 10. Hi hi!
10. The Papa John's eat all you can pizza dinner with the Corplan ladies.

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My City Buffet Robinsons Galleria Experience

May 8, 2012

Last week, to properly bid goodbye to one of our office mates and friend who would be transferring to his new job, we ate at The City Buffet Restaurant in Robinsons Galleria. For the price of P449 for an eat-all-you-can lunch buffet, it was worth it.  It was actually a lunch treat so it was more than worth it for us because we ate for free :-) And you just add P59 for unlimited drinks.
Same with Yakimix, taking pictures of the food is not allowed  but we managed to take some of the buffet area.
The right side of the buffet spread has the soup and the grilled stuff.  For me, there were actually more food choices at Yakimix because of the choices for grilling.
This was plate no. 1 for me.   Weird, the shrimps were just half.  I think the other half was cooked as tempura.
And this is plate no. 2.  Notice that I keep coming back to the sushi spread.  I just love them!  And notice again the bodyless shrimp?
 Of course, the highlight of the meal must be the dessert and while it did not disappoint, I was happier with Yakimix.  Below is the halo-halo section.  They took a long time to bring out some ice though.
And this was the cake and toppings section for the ice cream.  So few gummy bears :(
And these were my favorite desserts and what made eating at The City Buffet Restaurant fun!

This is the dessert section.  I loved the blueberry cheesesake!  But I didn't get to try the other desserts because I was full already.

So the verdict, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best buffet experience, I gave Yakimix an 8 while I give City Buffet a 6.  Its actually just a poor imitation of Yakimix for me.   So if I were to eat in a buffet again, between the two, it would be Yakimix.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 3, 2012

Happy Wednesday to everyone and let us count our blessings one by one! Happiness is:
1. My 10th year anniversary at work! Yey!
2. My new cubicle and new tools of trade :)
3. My new office mates and friends!  We are getting prettier, he he.
4. Missing our office mate but praying for her strength in this trying time.
5. The beautification project with my friend Ehms last Saturday.
6. Its getting a little colder now! Respite from the 37 degrees heat!
7. My husband lost his job, but I would like to think that something better will come along for him.
8. Listening to the radio while alone at the office.
9. Throwing away junk or rather having the courage to let go of some things, he he.
10. Having a job that I love!

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