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May 22, 2012

There are times when even us moms don't have an answer for everything.   And there are also moments when even our closest friends are unavailable for a quick chat and that occasional phone a friend question.  During these times that I cannot get hold of my trusted friends, I check out mom forum for that quick answer to my questions! Just the other day when I cant explain properly to my son why he cannot sleep over at a friend's house and he felt so bad, I felt so bad too that I wanted to see how other moms would handle this situation. And I felt so relieved when I read that my son will not hold a grudge against me over it and that I should think why I wont allow him.  If it was concern over his safety and he really wants a sleepover, maybe I can invite his friend over to stay.  Then I had to search the forum for reasons on why my eldest son suddenly turned moody and I was relieved to find out that most moms are having the same problem.  Being part of mom forum is like being part of a huge support group where you can ask your questions without fear of being labeled stupid or lacking in parenting skills.  I wish more moms can be part of this forum so that we can learn wisdom from each other.  There are also other topics like relationships between siblings and between husbands and wives.  There are also home making ideas, like gardening or scrap booking.  There are also sharing of recipes and a lot lot more.  So if you can get immediate hold of your friends and need an answer to your questions or just to allay some of your fears, visit mom forum now.  I learned a lot and you will too!

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