Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 3, 2012

Happy Wednesday to everyone and let us count our blessings one by one! Happiness is:
1. My 10th year anniversary at work! Yey!
2. My new cubicle and new tools of trade :)
3. My new office mates and friends!  We are getting prettier, he he.
4. Missing our office mate but praying for her strength in this trying time.
5. The beautification project with my friend Ehms last Saturday.
6. Its getting a little colder now! Respite from the 37 degrees heat!
7. My husband lost his job, but I would like to think that something better will come along for him.
8. Listening to the radio while alone at the office.
9. Throwing away junk or rather having the courage to let go of some things, he he.
10. Having a job that I love!

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