Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 9, 2012

Have a happy midweek everyone! Let us be happy we are alive and let us start counting our blessings!  Happiness is:

1. My new work assignment is exciting. I am eager to learn new things!
2. Though my husband lost his job, I would like to think of it as more of an opportunity for him to find a better one.  God will provide.
3. The white rose and the surprise visit from my kids at the office. Ha ha, their dad's idea of making up with me.
4. The 8th birthday of Ishi. My baby is still a baby. Forever, ha ha.
5.  The swimming party last Sunday for that.
6. The dance off and karaoke session with the kids.
7. Eating with friends during lunch now that the gym has closed. I didn't realize that I miss this!
8.  My friend Vangie, who is a  first time mom and was having difficulty with her pregnancy is now slightly better. Yehey!
9. Not gaining back the 5 lbs I have lost so far, ha ha. But this was a weigh-in before item no. 10. Hi hi!
10. The Papa John's eat all you can pizza dinner with the Corplan ladies.

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