Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 24, 2012

Its a Thursday and day late for Wednesday Happy Thoughts but its not enough to stop me from counting this week's blessings! Happiness is:
1. Getting sick but getting all the love and care I need! 
2.  Going back to work only after two days of rest.
3. The kids are finally enrolled for this school year.  Yey, just school things left to buy
4. My husband for each and every interview he went to this week.  I am praying one of the best ones will call him soon and that it will be what he deserves.
5. Kalamansi juice with honey. Perfection.
6. Going back to work and seeing all these mangoes! Thanks girls!
7. My husband for driving me to and from work everyday even though he is tired from all those interviews. Love you!
8. Ishi for her hugs and kisses, Danniel for giving me my meds and Drex for making my bed, all of these while I was sick.  They really do love me!
9. My Inay for her delicious meals, umm extra delicious because they always are, ha ha, while I was sick. I especially love the Pork Nilaga I went home to after my visit to the doctor.
10.  And my sister Kris for the countless ways she show her love, and my sister Dianne for all her gentle reminders.

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